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Reason for Using HPL in the Kitchen

Reason for Using HPL in the Kitchen - CenturyPly

The search for the perfect surfacing solution during a kitchen remodelling starts and ends at High Pressure Laminates or HPL. A widely popular surfacing material, HPL can be used for diverse residential and commercial applications, but is a favourite for its numerous features that make it apt for use in the kitchen area. They are carefully manufactured with resin-impregnated kraft paper and decorative paper to offer you endless design possibilities that are truly everlasting. HPL are available in a wide variety of exotic as well as charming designs, textures and colours, offering you a myriad benefits.

HPL sheets have become a preferred choice for kitchen countertops for a number of reasons-- the kitchen countertops and cabinets are frequently prey to high temperatures, liquid & oil spills, undesirable scratches, abrasions and could also provide a breeding ground to germs and bacteria. It is therefore a prerogative to choose a surface solution that is not only appealing to look at, but is also durable and shields your kitchen surfaces from microbial or viral growth. HPL for the kitchen checks all these boxes.

Let us explore the reasons for using HPL in the kitchen.

A. Protection from Microbes & Viruses

Reason for Using HPL in the Kitchen - CenturyPly

HPL are known for their natural resistance to microbial growth. By choosing a surface that is designed to prevent bacterial growth and colonization in food preparation areas, keeping your family healthy receives a huge boost.

To make our laminates even more effective, we manufacture our CenturyLaminates with ViroKill Technology that kills more than 99% bacteria, fungus & viruses on contact. This not only helps keep the integrity of the food you cook intact but also extends protection to you and your family. These laminates are non-toxic, non-hazardous and are completely safe to touch and use. 

B. Incredible Scuff-Resistance

It is no secret that the kitchen is one of the busiest places in the house. Constantly buzzing with people, kitchen countertops are vulnerable to more than your normal share of wear & tear-- be it chopping, mashing, grinding or handling hot & cold foods. To combat this, CenturyLaminates come with the highest scuff-resistance, stain-resistance, mar-resistance as well as water & heat resistance. Other materials such as marble and tiles, on the other hand, tend to chip and crack when exposed to such conditions but HPL hold their own, allowing you to go through your day seamlessly

C. No Maintenance Woes

HPL are practically maintenance-free and are easier to clean than many other alternatives. They are also resistant to staining. Just dust them once or twice a week or clean them with water & a mild cleaning agent. Use microfiber cloth for a seamless experience.

D. Wide Range

Reason for Using HPL in the Kitchen - CenturyPly

Whether you want a contemporary decor, modern-chic or boho-style interiors, countertop laminates are the best solution you can use to recreate any kind of kitchen design you have in mind. We offer a holistic mix of high-gloss laminates & matt-finished laminates in solid colours, marbled designs and more! They are characterised by fantastic colour fastness and last a long time without losing their sheen. 

E. Value for Money

Beautiful interiors are not just limited to the elite few, thanks to HPL! Incredibly easy to install & maintain, these laminates are quite affordable for the wide range of benefits it offers. The low maintenance, the increased durability & resilience further reduce the costs in the long run.

Next time you are thinking of remodelling your kitchen, choose HPL from CenturyLaminates. They bring you the best of functionality with the most exotic range of finishes, colours and designs. Whether you want high-gloss HPL or prefer a European Matt-finish, we’ve got them all. Select from our wide range of bright solids, enchanting marbled designs or luxurious glossy HPL sheets--we have something for your every decor idea.

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