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CenturyLaminates is India’s premier manufacturer & seller of decorative laminates. We offer the best laminates in India, especially crafted using a unique technology in which special resins impart extra strength to its laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.

CenturyLaminates' exotic range of laminates design is characterized by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates available in the market today.

Century Laminates

CenturyLaminates offer a meritorious range of laminates in India -- whether you need glossy interiors, subtle-chic ambience or a specialty laminate for a specific purpose, we have something for everyone.

Antiviral & Antibacterial Laminates

CenturyLaminates is the only laminate manufacturers in India that offers antiviral & antibacterial surface solutions. Manufactured using the latest and revolutionary ViroKill Technology, they kill more than 99% bacteria, fungus & viruses.

BWR Laminates

CenturyLaminates were the pioneers of BWR laminates in India. These laminates were made by paying careful attention to every detail of its manufacturing process so that every customer receives the most beautiful laminates in India for their precious homes.

Borer & Termite Resistant

All CenturyLaminates are made with special adhesives and additives that make it borer & termite resistant, therefore ensuring long-lasting durability.


Century Laminates - USP

Looking for premium quality Laminate Sheet in India? Look No Further!

CenturyLaminates offers you the best decorative laminate sheets in India and offer a wide pool of choices, including High-Gloss Lucida Laminates, European Matt-Finish Silk Tuff Laminates and other specialty laminates for every occasion.

Find out the best laminate sheet price in India here or simply ask for a quote.

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