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Invite guests not viruses

Are you someone who constantly needs to step out for work or someone who loves hosting parties? Leave the worry of inviting unwanted viruses behind and enjoy what you love by adding a precautionary layer of protection to your house.

Humans are social beings. Who doesn’t love stepping out for a good lunch or attending a house party and spending a weekend away? All the enjoyment comes at the cost of health, when not paid heed to. Prevention is better than cure so take the first step of precaution right from the scratch. Whether you’re building your dream house or trying to achieve your vision by remodeling your home, the right building blocks can act as the factor that protects your health and makes your home a safe spot.

We live in uncertain times where the utmost priority in any event is given to safety and sanitation. People hesitate to step out of their homes or commute constantly in the fear of bringing along viruses back home. It’s time to leave those worries behind by making your home a safety layer between you and disease causing viruses and bacteria. 

- How You Are Inviting Germs

These microorganisms find their way into your home in every way possible. They settle as dust or breed on surfaces around the house. Be it stepping out to get groceries or having food delivered home, the contact with outside is inevitable and the same pathway opens up space for bacteria and viruses to come inside the house.

- How To Stay Ahead Of These Viruses

The best way to tackle this problem is from the root - the furnishings around your home. Plywood is found across the house and in every corner. Be it closets, furniture or doors and windows, they all give enough space for these viruses to settle. Picking plywood that has anti-viral properties can cut down your problem.

- Where To Find Suitable Furnishings 

Centuryply is India’s leading manufacturer of plywood that is known for its indigenously developed technology that provides protection and precaution. CenturyPly Virokill is one such technology that involves enriching your plywood with anti-viral. This ensures that no microbes are breeding on your Virokill enriched surfaces.

- How Virokill Works 

Virokill is a technology that embeds nano particles into the polymer matrix of plywood making it a harmful environment for viruses. When one of these microbes lands on a surface enriched with Virokill, the cell layer of the microbe is broken down. This leads to the sustenance being harmed. In the next few hours the bacteria dies, unable to survive. Virokill ensures 99.9% of all harmful bacteria are killed and provides you an assurance of safety.

- Additional benefits of Virokill 

The threat cleaning chemicals pose to your furniture is eliminated with ViroKill. The bleaches and toxins do not affect the plywood and this makes your cleaning process easier and better. Your plywood also becomes free from pests and insects like borers and termites which find themselves attracted to harming your wood. These not only ensure safety but also durability of your furniture.

- How Safe Is Virokill 

Virokill technology is designed to harm viruses that affect human health and is completely safe for anyone installing it at home. Virokill comes with added benefits of health and does not pose a threat to humans.

When your homes are safely protected against harmful viruses and bacteria, go all out on hosting parties, lunches and dinners and leave the worries of inviting diseases behind. Take a simple step to ensuring safety so you can do what you love without worrying about upsetting health or risking hygiene.

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