Why CenturyLaminates?

CenturyLaminates and CenturyPly use specially designed Nanoparticles based Self Doctoring Surface Treatment against microorganisms through AAAA (A-4) complete safety protection mechanism, for manufacturing of its plywoods and laminates. These participles are by nature, Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral. This technology has been branded as ViroKill. The highly activated and energized Nanoparticles physically rupture and kill microbes in contact* with it through contact killing mechanism keeping the surface always safe and hygienic.

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Why Use Virokill?

Your health is your number one priority. While the world faces a global pandemic, the plywood and decoratives industries are rapidly adapting to provide you antimicrobial products like safe plywood, ViroKill laminates and more, in order to protect your homes from viruses, bacteria, fungus and microbes of all kinds. With this goal, the revolutionary ViroKill Technology was launched by the house of CenturyPly. ViroKill technology, along with previously mastered Silver Nano Technology, is used to manufacture new and improved virokill plywood and virokill laminate that provide A-One protection to your interiors and furniture surfaces. Whether you want laminate for furniture or plywood for your interior designs, CenturyPly ViroKill will come to your rescue. Upgrade to ViroKill, today!

Virokill Plywood - Applications

ViroKill antiviral and antimicrobial plywood can safely be used in almost every place around your residential and commercial space. For the convenience of customers, CenturyPly antiviral plywood comes in two grades-- MR grade or water-resistant plywood and BWP grade or waterproof plywood. MR grade antiviral plywood can be used in drier areas like the living room, bedroom, office cubicles, conference rooms, lobbies and more. BWP grade antiviral plywood can be used even in the water-prone areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, dining table, restaurants, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Level-up from regular plywood to ViroKill plywood and bring its antiviral protection home, today.

Virokill Laminates - Applications

CenturyLaminates has always been ahead of its time, constantly innovating and giving the customers exactly what they want. All high pressure laminates from CenturyLaminates were previously made using Silver Nanotechnology, which made them antimicrobial in nature. Now, with the addition of ViroKill Technology, all CenturyLaminates are effectively antiviral, too. You can safely use them as a surface solution for kitchen counters, dining tables, TV table units, closets, bookshelves, bed frames, wall panelling and more. These laminates come in more than 1000+ varieties. So, design your dream home with the flawless beauty and supreme protection of ViroKill antiviral laminates!

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Products with ViroKill





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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does surface cleaning deplete the properties of ViroKill?

    Our prescribed surface cleaning methods shall not deplete the properties of ViroKill.

  • Is it hazardous to health?

    No, ViroKill is completely safe and doesn't have any health hazards.

  • Are all other properties retained along with ViroKill properties?

    Yes, all other product properties as applicable will be retained.

  • Is it safe if a child comes in contact with this product?

    Yes, it is completely safe and doesn't have any health hazards.

  • Since how long has the ViroKill properties been there in Century Laminates?

    The manufacturing of Century Laminates along with Silver Nano Technology has been in practice for the last 5 years,. Thus CenturyLaminates have had anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties for the last 5 years. The recent R&D efforts and the test results corroborate that now the product offers additional Virus Killing properties as well.

  • How is ViroKill treated CenturyPly plywood different than any existing CenturyPly plywood?

    Any CenturyPly plywood manufactured after 1st July 2020 will have this property.

  • Does ViroKill have any warranty cover in line with the product warranty?

    Viro-Kill is a special treatment and doesn't affect the functioning of the product so the existing standard warranty terms on manufacturing defects are applicable.

  • Does the treatment react to external polishing and painting?

    No, it doesn't react to external polishing and painting.

  • Is it safe for human contact?

    Yes, it is completely safe for human contact.

  • Is it safe for any interior usage?

    Yes, Viro-Kill is completely safe for interior usage.

  • Does it cover anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties?

    Yes, Viro-Kill has additional anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

  • Is ViroKill thermostable? What is the effect of moisture and direct sunlight on it?

    Yes, it is thermostable. This surface treatment is non-leachable and normal exposure to humidity, moisture and sunlight does not affect its antiviral properties. However, any structural damage of surfaces by chemical and physical treatment may affect the property.

  • Is the treatment done on the surface or throughout the product construct?

    It is a surface treatment of the products.

  • How long will the effects of ViroKill treatment remain?

    Nanoparticles are effective throughout the lifetime of the furniture as they embedded in the polymer matrix system, unless and until the surface is not chemically and physically damaged.

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