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CenturyPly has developed one-of-a-kind high-pressure laminate with guaranteed surface-wear resistance of 2000 cycles. We are always striving for innovation and excellence. That is why we offer these high-pressure laminate, which are ideal for use as countertops and restaurant table tops. They can also be used on other surfaces that require greater abrasion resistance. This included your wardrobes, modular kitchen cabinets, and even your bedroom bed panels. The color-fastness of these high-pressure laminate designs is the most impenetrable feature. This is due to the use of primary pigments in the most recent and imported designs. Overall, CenturyLaminates provide yet another reason for you to have classic and decorative interiors!


  • Higher flexibility
  • Only commercial laminate offering a 7 year manufacturer's Warranty
  • Every sheet of Century Laminate comes with extra thickness and abrasive resistant properties
  • Uniform and superior sanding ensure best bonding with substrates
  • Safest, environment-friendly laminate for various interior applications, meeting FCO level for Formaldehyde emission as per Japanese Standards JISA 1460:2001
  • Higher color fastness, thanks to primary pigments
  • Conforms to International Standards set by NEMA LD3, ISO 4586-1 and ISO 2046; also meets FR Class II, as per BS 476 Part 6 and Part 7
  • Specification

  • Abrasive Resistant
  • Speciality Products
  • Size

    Thickness- 1mm

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