How CenturyDoors Is Transforming Home Entrances
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How CenturyDoors Is Transforming Home Entrances

Entrance plays a vital role in showcasing the entire interior of your place. If doors are lavish and exotic, they create a classy entrance, leaving a mark on visitors’ hearts for their beauty. Customers these days do not just go for looks but also seek the durability and longevity of the doors.

CenturyDoors brings featured doors that fulfil your desire to make a classy entrance. The brand provides strong, long-lasting, qualitative, durable doors and aesthetics to satisfy customer needs.

There are multiple categories of doors by CenturyDoors with various deep textures, designs, colours, and patterns to warm up your interior's look. The article will help you clear the confusion about transforming home entrances with CenturyDoors.

Table of Contents

Range of CenturyDoors that can Transform your Home

   ○ CenturyDoors Club Prime

   ○ CenturyDoors Bond

   ○ Sainik Doors

   ○ CenturyDoors Panel Moulded

   ○ CenturyDoors Decorative

   ○ Sainik Laminated Doors

Wrapping Up!

Range of CenturyDoors that can Transform your Home

CenturyDoors provides a wide range of door options suiting customer’s needs. Each door possesses unique features. Here is the list of top CenturyDoors that can classically modify your space.

1. CenturyDoors Club Prime

The flush doors are made of premium quality plywood doors with a smooth finish. CenturyDoors have manufactured Club Prime with multiple technologies, including bend-proof, which does not let your door get even slightly tilted. In addition, the door is slam-proof. It ensures the strength and durability of the door.

Furthermore, the plywood door used to manufacture Club Prime is with ViroKill and Firewall technology that does not let harmful pathogens and fire penetration affect your doors, thus saving your loved ones. Investing in premium quality doors but afraid of using them in the kitchen and restroom? Do not worry. They are boiling waterproof and excellent insulators to dust, noise and heat, making them the perfect choice for overall interiors. The warranty period for Club Prime Door is 25 years, which is more than enough to build customer trust.

2. CenturyDoors Bond

Bond doors deliver a perfect balance between affordability and quality. The door is manufactured with specially selected, chemically treated timber wood and witty multiple technologies, including bend-proof, slam-proof, firewall technology, virokill technology, termite and borer-proof and boiling waterproof.

CenturyDoors, with the use of technologies, makes solid and durable interior and exterior doors in India. The warranty period of bond doors is 15 years. Too many features with such longevity are this door's most attractive feature.

3. Sainik Doors

The doors are famous for their features within an affordable range. Sainik doors withstand climatic alterations and are swell-proof and boiling waterproof, providing security to your designer home.

The doors are also made with bend-proof, slam-proof technology, offering excellent strength and longevity that manufacturers are proud of. The warranty period for the Sainik doors is seven years. Is there more, getting too many features for a qualitative period of time?

4. CenturyDoors’ Panel Moulded Doors

• Panel moulded doors are manufactured with high quality 3 mm HDF Skin of density @ 900 Kg/m3

bend-proof, slam-proof, termite and borer-proof, and boiling-waterproof technology along with firewall and virokill technology that offers the doors strength, durability and longevity.

Premium Panel moulded door is ready-to-use melamine door skin that customers can pick from 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-panel options. Three distinct shades of wood are available, i.e., teak, sapali and straight grain wenge offering great choices for the customers to pick as per their preferences.

• It comes with great Aesthetic Appeal and exotic Melamine Finish

5. CenturyDoors’ Decorative Doors

Decorative doors are laminated Veneered doors that are available as ready-to-use. They are specifically designed in line with the latest international trends and are available in multiple ranges of shades, suiting the customer’s persona and interiors.

The doors are manufactured with numerous technologies, including firewall, virokill, bent proof, boiling waterproof, termite and borer proof and much more that offers excellent strength to your doors. The doors are available with a seven-year warranty period.

The door can resist severe climate alterations, high impact, and wrap caused due to external factors.

6. Sainik Laminated Doors

Sainik laminated doors are created with Sainik plywood Sainik Doors, offering great mechanical strength and durability. Sainik is famous for its multiple features and technologies involved. With the touch of quality high-pressure laminates, the door delivers an aesthetic feel to the interiors and exteriors of the place.

The beautiful finishing of the door will bring loads of compliments to your ready-to-use doors. Laminates with deep textures, multiple designs, colours and patterns are available by CenturyLaminates, so you can also customise your doors based on your lifestyle and get entries with a classic touch. The doors offer a combination of strength and beauty in an affordable range and with a five-year warranty period.

Wrapping Up!

CenturyDoors is the perfect combination of beauty and strength. The doors are available in wide ranges, where you can pick ready-to-use doors or customise them as per your requirement to match your interiors. CenturyDoors can transform your dull space into a unique and lavish entry that every guest will look back to after their entrance or exit.

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