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The revolutionary Firewall Technology from the house of CenturyPly, the most reliable fire retardant plywood manufacturer, enables a select range of CenturyPly plywood to be the best fire-fighting plywood available in India. It has been certified as the best in class to fight fire accidents and has some key properties that can be beneficial in the unfortunate event of a fire accident.
  • - Firewall technology delays the spread of fire and does not act as a medium for the spread of fire or rapidly burn itself
  • - Firewall Technology self-extinguishes itself once the source of fire is removed.
  • - Firewall Technology emits less smoke protecting you from suffocation.
Firewall Technology gives customers critical time to act, save their own lives and others, call for fire brigade, ambulances, etc. The fire-treated plywood comes at no additional cost. You can get in touch with fire retardant plywood suppliers and find the fire-resistant plywood price near you, using the “dealers near you” tab on the options bar above.
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Products with Firewall
ARCHITECT PLY is a premium product made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin.
CLUB PRIME is made by a special pre-pressing technique that ensures equal distribution of moisture and adhesive.
Why should you choose Centuryply product with Firewall Technology ?
  • Firewall Technology

  • Virokill Technology

  • Duplicate Proof with Century Promise

  • Boiling Water Proof

  • Lifetime Warranty For ArchitectPly / 30 years Warranty for ClubPrime

  • Borer & Termite Proof

  • Superior Strength

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Firewall Technology?

    Firewall Technology is an indigenously developed, revolutionary technology that enables CenturyPly products to withstand the effect of fire far better than plywoods available in markets today.

    It involves the use of nano engineered particles which are embedded in the polymer matrix of a plywood giving them best in class fire-fighting properties.

  • How does a customer benefit from Firewall Technology ?

    The effect of fire is devastating - causing irreparable damage on life and other assets. Fire can break down a person financially, emotionally and has a long term impact on a person’s self-confidence.

    One primary reason for spread of fire in houses or office space is furniture. Firewall Technology increases the duration it takes for fire to multiple across itself or to other neighbouring products. Another unfortunate effect of fire is death due asphyxiation caused by toxic gases and smoke emitted during a fire. Firewall technology substantially reduces this emission to a fraction of present levels.

    Once a source of fire for e.g. a burning candle or a curtain is removed the plywood with Firewall Technology will self-extinguish.

    Thus, Firewall Technology by containing the spread and toxic gas has the potential to save a lot of lives by giving crucial time to customers to act in the unfortunate event of a fire.

  • Is Firewall Technology tested?

    19 mm thick ArchitectPly and Club Prime plywood enriched with Firewall technology performs superior under standard test condition to the benchmarks specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 and British standards BS 476 when measured against critical parameters like flammability, spread ability, penetration and smoke developed index. This makes this range of CenturyPly the first and best in class plywood, for fighting the damages caused by fire.

  • How is Firewall Technology better than ordinary ply currently available?

    Ordinary plywood once ignited rapidly gets destroyed, it acts as a medium to spread fire within minutes. It also generates a lot of smoke. The rapidly spreading fire ignites and destroys everything in its way, the smoke hinders rescue operations and may suffocate people to death. Before one can realise and act, the raging fire causes irreparable losses like loss of life, trauma, injuries, mental disorders, emotional and financial instability and loss of precious belongings. CenturyPly enriched with Firewall technology is certified as the best in class by Indian , American and British standards when measured against critical parameters like flammability, spread ability, penetration and smoke developed index. Thus it is best prepared to fight against self disintegration due to fire, containing the spread of fire and smoke generation.This In turn helps rescue operations and gives customer critical time to act, save own and others lives, call for fire brigade, ambulance etc. Once the source of fire is removed it also acts to self-extinguish the fire.

  • Does Firewall Technology imply that one should not call for help if there is a fire?

    CenturyPly earnestly requests its customers to be completely and continuously vigilant against all common lapses that cause fire and in case of an unfortunate incident of fire, to immediately take all necessary steps like saving themselves, loved ones, recovering important assets and immediately engage fire engines, ambulances, doctors, electricity, gas authorities or any other authorities if required, to stop the fire. Firewall Technology helps one carry out the above by giving critical time to act and aid in rescue operations by curtailing the spread of fire and smoke generation.

  • How much does it cost additionally to get centuryply products enriched with Firewall Technology?

    The firewall technology is currently being offered at no additional cost to customers. Currently ArchitectPly and ClubPrime range of ply from April 21 will come with Firewall Technology.

  • What are the meanings of the parameters and standard used to evaluate the Firewall Technology?

    The parameters that need to be evaluated for fire retardant plywood are specified below and tested as per Indian Standard Code (IS 5509), American Society for Testing Material (ASTM E84) and British Standard. (BS476 Part 7)

    Parameters to Evaluate What Does The Test Measures
    Flammability The time by which a plywood which has caught fire starts a sequence of ignitions in the surrounding surface materials
    Rate of Burning The time taken for a plywood sheet to catch fire once a flame test is done when a flame starts to ignite a plywood sheet
    Flame Penetration The time taken for a flame to penetrate a plywood sheet across the cross section of the thickness after a flame is lit on the plywood sheet
    Flame Spread index Flame spread index and Smoke development index are the parameters measured in ASTM in which it define the spread of flame and smoke against read oak which is the most inflammable timber species
    Smoke Developed Index
    Name of Test Time Expected as per IS Results of Centuryply
    under Test Condition Products with Firewall Technology
    Flammability for a 19mm thick ply should be a minimum of 30 min. More than 30 minutes
    Rate of Burning for a 19mm thick ply should be min 20 minutes More than 20 minutes
    Flame Penetration Minimum of 2.5times the thickness of ply in minutes Greater than 3 times the thickness of ply in minutes
    Flame Spread index Standard 0-25 for Class A Flame Spread Index- 12
    Smoke Developed Index Standard 450 for Class A Smoke development index- 155
  • How much does fire-rated plywood cost?

    The cost depends on the size of plywood. You can check more on the Plywood Requirement Calculator on the website.

  • At what temperature does plywood combust?

    The flame spread index of centuryply fire-retardant plywood is 12, which means that it has class A properties and won't burn easily.

  • What are Class A, B & C in ASTM?

    In ASTM Fire retardant properties are defined as per Class and this majorly classified by the combination of Spread of fire and Smoke emission Index.

    As required by ASTM Unique Advantage of Firewall
    standard Technology
    Class A Flame Spread Index- 0-25 Flame Spread Index- 12
    Smoke Development Index- 0-450 Smoke Development Index - 155
    Class B Flame Spread Index- 26-75
    Smoke Development Index- 0-450
    Class C Flame Spread Index- 76 -200
    Smoke Development Index- 0-450
  • What is Class 1, 2, 3 & 4 in BS?

    In BS fire retardant properties is classified basis testing a plywood for its spread of flame at 90 sec and 10 min and basis the spread it is classified under Class 1, 2, 3 & 4.

    As required by BS, for 19mm ply and there is tolerance of +25mm Unique Advantage of Firewall Technology for 19 mm ply
    Class 1 Spread of Flame at 90 sec- 165mm +25mm Spread of Flame at 90 sec- 159 mm
    Spread of Flame at 10 min- 165 mm +25 mm Spread of Flame at 10 min- 182 mm
    Class 2 Spread of Flame at 90 sec- 215mm
    Spread of Flame at 10 min- 455 mm
    Class 3 Spread of Flame at 90 sec- 265mm
    Spread of Flame at 10 min- 710 mm
  • Is the Firewall Technology, a surface treatment or throughout the product?

    No, it is not a surface treatment. It is across the cross-section. The technology involves the use of nano engineered particles which are embedded in the polymer matrix of a plywood.

  • Will the Plywood with Firewall technology withstand its Fire-retardant properties after the laminate surface is applied?

    Yes it will. Not only with laminates but also with any surface polishes /paints or treatment.

  • What is the effect of moisture on Plywood with Firewall technology?

    Plywood with Firewall technology is non-hygroscopic in nature. This means that the plywood absorbs little or no moisture from the surroundings. This helps in retaining its structural integrity and properties.

  • Which products of Centuryply are coming with the firewall technology?

    Currently the ArchitectPly and ClubPrime range available from April 2021 are coming with Firewall Technology

  • How long will the effect of firewall technology remain?

    Firewall Technology will work as long as the structural integrity of the product is maintained.

  • Is Firewall Technology health hazardous?

    No it isn’t.

  • With Firewall Technology are all other properties of plywood retained ?

    Yes. All the other properties of the plywood are retained.

  • Does Firewall technology have any warranty cover in-line with the product warranty?

    Firewall Technology is a special treatment and doesn’t affect the functioning of the product. So the existing standard warranty terms remain applicable.

  • How can we prevent fire accidents at home?

    Fire accidents can be avoided with the use of CenturyPly Firewall Technology Plywood, which is fire retardant and does not emit toxic gases even when exposed to flames for an extended period of time (as mentioned in the standard plywood testing)

What’s In It For You!
CenturyPly, running on its ideology of bringing the best to their customers by constant innovation, brings you fire fighting plywood equipped with Firewall technology to prevent you & your loved ones from unfortunate deadly accidents.

Here’s what it does:

- To save yourself from such unfateful devastation, it is prudent to choose fire retardant plywood when you’re designing your home or office space.

- The kitchen area happens to be the most fire-prone in your house. Choose safety first with fire-fighting plywood and enjoy cooking with utmost peace of mind.

- In critical situations, like a fire accident, the human mind usually starts panicking, and thus it becomes difficult to make practical decisions. CenturyPly’s fire- retardant plywood, delays the spread of fire, giving you the much-needed time to rescue yourself and your loved ones.

- Suffocation caused by smoke and other toxic gases emitted during fire accidents is a major problem. Fire-retardant Plywood substantially reduces this emission, thus preventing you from suffocation.

- Plywood embedded with Firewall technology will self extinguish once the source of fire is removed. Thus, in case of a fire-related accident, you must first focus on removing the fire source and evacuate yourself.

- The world-class fire-retardant plywood comes to you at no extra cost whatsoever. The plywood embedded with the new fire-fighting properties is available at the same price as before, ensuring more safety with no additional cost.

*Please remember that plywood embedded with the Firewall Technology is fire-retardant and not fireproof plywood. CenturyPly requests you to be careful and choose safety first.

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