Firewall is an indigenously developed technology that involves the use of nano engineered particles which are embedded in the polymer matrix of a plywood, giving it best in class fire-fighting properties.
19 mm thick Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood enriched with Firewall technology performs superior under standard test condition to the benchmarks specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 and British standards BS 476 when measured against critical parameters like flammability, spread ability, penetration and smoke developed index.This makes this range of CenturyPly the first and best in class plywood, for fighting the damages caused by fire.
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Products with Firewall
ARCHITECT PLY is a premium product made from exclusive hardwood species bonded with BWP grade synthetic resin.
CLUB PRIME is made by a special pre-pressing technique that ensures equal distribution of moisture and adhesive.
Why should you choose Centuryply product with Firewall Technology ?
  • Firewall Technology

  • Virokill Technology

  • Duplicate Proof with Century Promise

  • Boiling Water Proof

  • Lifetime Warranty For ArchitectPly / 25 years Warranty for ClubPrime

  • Borer & Termite Proof

  • Superior Strength

What’s In It For You!
CenturyPly, running on its ideology of bringing the best to their customers by constant innovation, brings you fire fighting plywood equipped with Firewall technology to prevent you & your loved ones from unfortunate deadly accidents.

Here’s what it does:

- To save yourself from such unfateful devastation, it is prudent to choose fire retardant plywood when you’re designing your home or office space.

- The kitchen area happens to be the most fire-prone in your house. Choose safety first with fire-fighting plywood and enjoy cooking with utmost peace of mind.

- In critical situations, like a fire accident, the human mind usually starts panicking, and thus it becomes difficult to make practical decisions. CenturyPly’s fire- retardant plywood, delays the spread of fire, giving you the much-needed time to rescue yourself and your loved ones.

- Suffocation caused by smoke and other toxic gases emitted during fire accidents is a major problem. Fire-retardant Plywood substantially reduces this emission, thus preventing you from suffocation.

- Plywood embedded with Firewall technology will self extinguish once the source of fire is removed. Thus, in case of a fire-related accident, you must first focus on removing the fire source and evacuate yourself.

- The world-class fire-retardant plywood comes to you at no extra cost whatsoever. The plywood embedded with the new fire-fighting properties is available at the same price as before, ensuring more safety with no additional cost.

*Please remember that plywood embedded with the Firewall Technology is fire-retardant and not fireproof plywood. CenturyPly requests you to be careful and choose safety first.

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