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Sainik Doors are Boiling Waterproof Doors from CenturyPly. These BWP doors are tested to withhold all the ply layers intactly even when they are dunked in boiling water for a duration. Immaculate strength and resistance to water is what makes these doors a great fit for your kitchens and wardrobes! Such eco-friendly and Waterproof Doors can withstand the changing climatic conditions, as they show no signs of moisture damage. SAINIK Waterproof Doors are perfect for a country like India that experiences heavy rains, winds, summer and winters. These slam-proof and swell-proof doors provide security to your home. Moreover, the SAINIK Boiling Waterproof Doors do not cost you a fortune.

7 Years Warranty

Available in:

  • 25 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 32 mm
  • 35 mm
  • 38 mm
  • 40 mm

Our USPs

  • 7 Years Warranty 7 Years Warranty
  • Boiling Water Proof Boiling Water Proof
  • Borer & Termite Resistant Borer & Termite Resistant
  • Eco-Friendly Eco-Friendly
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Technical Specifications


    IS 2202 (Part 1) Requirements


    Workmanship and Finish





    Dimensions and Squareness Test

    Length and Width within a limit 5 mm (+/-)

    Length = +/- 5 mm

    Width = +/- 5 mm

    Thickness within limit of 1 mm (+/-)

    Thickness = +/- 0.8 mm

    Door Shutter shall not deviate by more than 1 mm

    Within limit

    General Flatness Test

    Twist, Cupping, Warping not more than 6 mm

    Within Limit

    Local Planeness Test

    Depth of deviation not greater than 0.5 mm

    Within Limit

    Impact indentation Test

    Not more than 0.2 mm

    0.2 mm


    Flexure Test

    Residual Deflection should not be more than 1/10th of Maximum deflection

    Within Limit

    Deflection at max load should not be more than 1/30 of length and 1/15 of width

    Within Limit



    Edge Loading Test

    Deflection of the edge at the maximum load should not be more than 5.0 mm

    3.24 mm

    Residual deflection should not be more than 0.5 mm

    Within Limit

    Lateral buckling should not be more than 2 mm during loading

    0.34 mm

    Shock Resistance

    No delamination should be observed due to light and heavy body impact

    No Delamination


    Buckling Test

    Residual deformation should not be more than 5.0 mm

    3.22 mm

    Initial deflection should not be more than 50.0 mm

    22.50 mm

    Slamming Test

    Shall not have any visible damage

    No Damage

    Misuse Test

    There shall not be any permanent deformation

    No Deformation

    End Immersion

    There shall be no delamination

    No Delamination

    Knife Test

    Excellent or Minimum Pass Standard

    Excellent or Minimum Pass Standard

    Glue Adhesion Test

    No delamination shall occur in glue line

    No Delamination

    Screw Withdraw Resistance Test

    Not less than 1000 N

    1120 N

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