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How to Protect your Kids from Viruses with CenturyLaminates

How to Protect your Kids from Viruses with CenturyLaminates - CenturyPly

When you are thinking of designing or revamping your child’s room, safety is always one of the top things on your mind. It is natural for your child to spend countless hours in their room, engaging in games, studying or resting. In the process, they touch multiple surfaces that may not be as clean as they look. To ensure that they do not contract any diseases from invisible threats like bacteria, fungus or viruses, the perfect solution is installing antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial CenturyLaminates in their room. Let’s take a look at why CenturyLaminates with ViroKill Technology [CC1] present the perfect childproofing to a room.


A parent’s worst nightmare is an untidy room as it is the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. The easiest solution to this is installing beautifully functional antimicrobial & antiviral laminates. 

Microbes are unpredictable and may come from anywhere: from the playground in the school, the roadside food stall in the neighbourhood or even an unclean floor. Once they get a warm, damp environment, they multiply rapidly, posing a possible health hazard. Antimicrobial laminates tackle this problem. CenturyLaminates are enriched with activated nanoparticles that makes them effectively antibacterial and antifungal, which means that it kills 99.99% of microbes that may come in contact with its surface.

Microbes, if let be, may even cause malodours or staining. Therefore, installing antimicrobial laminates has a two-fold advantage: it protects your kid’s health & well-being while also keeping your furniture in good shape.


Apart from microbes, viruses may also cause many diseases, if allowed to breed. CenturyLaminates are now antiviral. Made with the revolutionary ViroKill nanotechnology ingrained on the laminate surfaces, these highly energised nanoparticles rupture the cells of viruses that land on it, killing them in the process. They kill 99.99% viruses.

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How to Protect your Kids from Viruses with CenturyLaminates - CenturyPly


Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral CenturyLaminates are the perfect surface solution for the furniture in your kid’s room. They have incredible colour fastness, are very low in maintenance, are strong & durable and come in an array of vivid colours, textures and patterns to bring your kid’s imagination alive while keeping them away from harm’s way. Moreover, they are completely non-hazardous and safe for human contact, ensuring that nothing limits your child’s creativity and energy to explore the world. You can use them as a surface solution for the study table, bed, drawers, closet, cabinets and more. Visit any CenturyLaminates store or browse through our online catalogue to start designing a stand-out kid’s room the hygienic way.


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