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Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminates Sheets

If interior decorating has been occupying most of your mind the last couple of weeks, chances are that you might’ve come across laminates in one form or the other. Their meteoric rise to popularity amongst professionals and homeowners alike took place because of the horde of benefits they offer, one of them being the sheer versatility in design-- they come in almost every colour you can imagine, phenomenal textures, soothing patterns, aesthetic gradients and more! Read on to know our best picks from the latest CenturyLaminates collection that is sure to make heads turn at your home.

1. High-Gloss scuff resistant Laminates

Our award-winning Lucida laminates in gorgeous solid colours, woodgrains & patterns will uplift any space you use them in! Their signature glossy shine lasts for a long time and helps you make a bold interior decor statement. Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminate Sheets - CenturyPly

2. Marbled-Designs are In!

Always-trendy marbled laminates from our Silk-Tuff collection are to-die-for! They ooze sophisticated elegance and transform any furniture into statement furniture with its superior European Matt Finish, feather-touch technology which gives a look and feel of solid surfaces.

Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminate Sheets - CenturyPly

3. Woodgrains

The woodgrains collection from our wide range of laminates makes for a stunning display of warm, earthy tones and their inherent beauty. Perfect for those who are a big fan of all things vintage, these laminates help you get that natural charm of wooden surfaces at a marginal cost! They are perfect for wall panels, sofa sets, tables, dining areas and more-- you are only limited by your imagination.

Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminate Sheets - CenturyPly

4. Patterns

Geometric patterns are an evergreen design that can instantly create a modern & chic vibe. Apart from that, you can choose from a variety of funky motifs that are sure to make a loud style statement. Choose amazing pattern laminates from our Designer Collection & HD Laminates which provides different pattern combos, colours and finishes according to your overall home decor and level-up with your choice of patterns.

Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminate Sheets - CenturyPly

5. Combinations

Speaking of combinations, we have the most beautiful collection waiting for you! CenturyLaminates brings you an entire range dedicated to winning combinations of high pressure laminates that will redefine beauty & high functionality. If you are someone who wants something out-of-the-box, these combination laminates are the way to go.

Our Pick: Best Designs with CenturyLaminate Sheets - CenturyPly

6. Textures

Texture is an important design element and helps set the tone of the overall decor. That is why, it is important to choose the correct textures for your home. We have a diverse collection of textures that will bring your decor alive and give a hyper-realistic look to your interiors.

If you want laminates that are the perfect combination of unforgettable designs and utmost dependability, we have the perfect collection of laminates for you! Click here to browse through our award-winning collection of antiviral laminates:https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/catalouge-lookbook.php

Buy them from our eshop http://centuryply.com/eshop

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