CenturyPromise: Where Trust Begins
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CenturyPromise: Where Trust Begins


CenturyPly has gained the trust of many citizens over the years. The plywoods are durable
and feature great strength. But the best part is they do not warp, shrink, crack or twist due to
the high-quality materials used to make the plywoods.

Undeniably, if you're planning to purchase plywood, you can trust our product, as we conduct
high-quality checks before selling them in the industry. But here's where you need to be
careful: Many sellers sell plywoods under the brand name CenturyPly. Yes, that's right!

While they might look the same as our product, they are not genuine.
Don't worry! We have launched the CenturyPromise App, where you can check the
authenticity of the plywood and keep yourself safe from such fraudsters. How? This article
will tell you how to check the quality for yourself and make a confident buying decision. But
first, let's understand why you should not buy fake plywood.

Table of Contents:

Why Should You Not Purchase Fake Plywood?

Plywoods are expensive, and investing in fake plywood will not serve you in the long run.
Besides, it will come off, bend and damage the look of the furniture. This will affect the
overall beauty of the house. If a fake product comes at affordable prices, its service will also
be 'cheap'; and unsatisfactory.

Why Should You Download the CenturyPromise App?

The primary reason behind downloading the CenturyPromise app is to ensure you buy
authentic plywood for your home needs. This app can help you select the right construction
type in a market full of duplicate versions.

The following are some benefits of downloading the CenturyPromise app.

● You can download it for free. The only thing you would need is an Internet balance
for the download.

● The app is available on both Playstore and Appstore. So both android and iOS users
can install the application without worrying about app compatibility.

● You can download the app both on a tablet and smartphone.

● After checking the plywood's quality, you can download the electronic warranty
certificate and keep it saved for future reference.

● With the app, you can check the code history. The app keeps a record of your
activities whenever you open the app. So, in the code history section, you can check
your previous actions, and if required, you can download the electronic warranty
certificates of the old plywoods as well.

Why Should You Trust the CenturyPromise App?

Now let's discuss why you should trust the CenturyPromise app to detect the product's
● Every CenturyPly plywood comes with a unique QR code. This QR code is
registered with the app. So, if a fraud seller sells plywood under the name of
CenturyPly and puts in a fake QR code, the app can detect it. The app will
immediately show that it is not a genuine product.

● Apart from indicating whether the plywood is genuine, it also tells about
specifications like product name, size, thickness, unique code. This will help you get
more clarity on your purchase.

● As discussed earlier, CenturyPromise App has no other duplicate in the market. So
you can perform quality checks only through our application.

How to Install the CenturyPromise App?

Installing the CenturyPromise app is not difficult. You can follow the steps mentioned below
to download the app easily.

● Go to the Playstore or App Store and download the app for free.

● Sign up for the app by entering your details.

● Click on 'Submit' to become a registered member.

● Now enter the login credentials to get to the scanning part.

● Open the QR scanner and scan the QR code on the plywood using the 'Viewfinder'.
Alternatively, you can click on the 'Input QR Code' option and write the code
mentioned on the plywood to check the plywood.

● Wait for the app to show 'CenturyPly Genuine Product' or 'CenturyPly Not Genuine

● Check the specifications and download the e-warranty certificate if required. In case
of doubt or confirmation, you can repeat the check to be certain that you are
purchasing the right product.


From walls to kitchens, plywood has become essential for construction purposes. Today, it is
impossible to think of interior design without plywood. It enhances the look of the house and
the building. With the increasing demand for plywood purchases, many counterfeit plywoods
have come up on the market that claim authenticity and false promises. But now you don't
have to worry about the plywood's authenticity. Download the CenturyPromise app, and
you can check the authenticity of the plywood seconds before purchase. You can trust our
app and perform high-quality checks whenever feasible.
To know more about the CenturyPromis app, visit

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