Which Type of Door is Best for Home? Know More with CenturyDoors
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Which Type of Door is Best for Home? Know More with CenturyDoors


Can you envision a house without doors? Barely! Trying to explain the necessity of doors in every home is virtually absurd. Doors are necessary to protect your family, provide a positive impression on the neighbourhood, and restrict theft access to your areas. With technological advancements, the global market for doors has experienced tremendous expansion. ​​​​​​​

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Types of CenturyDoors: The Best Choice for Home!

       ◆ Flush Doors

       ◆ Panel Moulded Doors

       ◆ Decorative Doors

In a Nutshell

Types of CenturyDoors: The Best Choice for Home!

CenturyDoors, which is India's top door manufacturer, offers you a selection of elegant entrances and interior doors. These doors are robust, long-lasting, and durable. In addition to featuring the most recent technologies, these doors provide you with total certainty of safety and aesthetic value.

So, which type of door is best for home? Well, let's check out some of the top CenturyDoors home design solutions that might improve the aesthetics of your area.

Flush Doors

Because of their simplicity, flush doors are the best solution for home or commercial space entrances. These flush doors are made of treated, premium and well-seasoned wood. These are some of the typical sorts of flush doors that may be utilised in your homes, and CenturyDoors has established a standard with its large selection of flush doors.

Club Prime Doors

Club Prime Doors are flush doors of the best calibre that are Boiling Waterproof and great insulators against sound, temperature, and dust. These flush doors are made of the highest quality of wood for maximum resistance and quality, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor uses. Our unique Glue Line Internal Protection is included with these doors which makes these doors termite, borer and fungus proof.

Bond Doors

CenturyDoor's Bond Doors are boiling waterproof flush doors that strike the ideal combination between quality and affordability. These doors are made from chemically treated wood to give you prolonged durability.

Sainik Doors

CenturyDoors Sainik Doors are Boiling Waterproof Doors. These doors are a fantastic match for your all door needs owing to their incredible strength and water resistance! These environmentally friendly and water-resistant doors can easily survive shifting climatic circumstances. SAINIK Waterproof Doors are ideal for a nation like India, which faces harsh summers, winters, winds, and rainfall. These doors come with a slam and swell-proof features.

Panel Moulded Doors

These are ready-to-use multi-purpose interior doors. Some of the best options for panel moulded doors offered by CenturyDoors are as follows: 

Melamine Doors

These are fully prepared panel moulded doors with two, three, and four panels available. These doors are offered in 3 wood tones (Teak, Sapeli, and Straight Grain Wenge). These are designed to enhance your overall home decor.

Plain Doors

CenturyDoors' Plain Door Skin line offers ready-to-use doors with excellent aesthetic appeal. These inside doors' understated refinement contributes to the contemporary vibe of your home's decor, and they're a useful option due to their resistance to termites and borer damage.

White Primered Doors

With the help of White Primered Skin's various variations, you may give the interior design of your home a creative touch. They are simple, elegant, and stylish, giving your house a contemporary feel. They are ready-to-use doors and they offer you 5 years warranty for  long-lasting durability and are also resistant to termites and borer damage.

Decorative Doors

Decorative doors offer you a wide range of Laminate or Veneer options to warm up the appearance of your interior.

Century Laminated Doors

These doors are ready-to-use and have been created following the newest trends worldwide. These interior doors come in a huge selection of colours, giving your interior a stunning appearance. They give entrances a refined touch and a practical elegance that turns them into works of beauty. They are borer & termite resistant. There are made with Century Laminates.

Century Veneered Doors

These sturdy doors offer you premium style and superior mechanical strength for increased endurance. They are made with the highest quality CenturyVeneers. These doors are successfully climate-stable, highly impact-resistant, and warp-resistant. Its polished look will leave your guests with a positive first impression!

Sainik Laminated Doors

These doors offer the ideal balance of elegance and substance and match your budget well. High-pressure Laminates cover these doors, giving them an attractive surface that accentuates the durability of SAINIK. They are simple to clean and maintain. Also, you can choose from 24 appealing Laminate shades.

In a Nutshell

Doors not only keep your house safe but may also considerably enhance the interior's beauty if used correctly. They not only increase the safety and security of your home but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. Indian consumers of CenturyDoors can choose from a distinctive selection of doors. These doors are termite and borer-proof, slam-proof, waterproof,. To choose the ideal door for your needs, visit CenturyDoors!

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