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Uncommon Office Decorating Ideas with CenturyPly Products

Productivity is triggered by a comfortable, inviting atmosphere where we feel welcome and relaxed. A well-designed office can do just that and more. We all know the basics of designing a gorgeous office-space: optimal use of space, plenty of natural and accentuating lights and freedom to move around during times of mental fatigue. But did you know that your office decor can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business?

The most productive offices around the globe balances the comfort of home with the professionalism of a  business. You can achieve this great balance with CenturyPly products and we will show you how!

1. Add Funky Furniture

Uncommon Office Decorating Ideas with CenturyPly Products

The numero uno priority for any office is the furniture! Office furniture goes through so much on a daily basis and needs to be super reliable and handy at the same time. Instead of purchasing common furniture for your office, up the ante with customised plywood furniture made from premium quality Century Plywood. We have a wide variety of plywood for all your office furniture needs-- need waterproof plywood? We have Club Prime, Sainik 710, Bond 710 and many more varieties of plywood, each suited to a different budget bracket. Want to make fire-proof furniture? Firewall plywood will take care of that!  Want premium waterproof plywood? Architect Plywood is perfect for that. So, if you want to learn more about each type of plywood, you can read this: https://www.centuryply.com/blog/types-of-plywood-centuryply-offers:-buying-guide-for-2020

From animal print ottoman chairs to architectural chaise lounges, you will be able to design furniture that speaks to your brand, guaranteed.

2. Hand Large Works of Art for a Decorative Spark

Uncommon Office Decorating Ideas with CenturyPly Products

An office is nothing if not beautiful with the sum of its parts. Many contemporary offices choose to opt for posters on the wall, but if you want to upgrade to the next level, large decorative paintings are the way to go. You can choose the works of your favourite artists or even connect and support your local arts communities. Alternatively,  you can choose to ask your talented employees to contribute art for the office walls. This will cement a happy relationship between employer and employee, while truly adding personalisation to your office decor.

Paintings need a very sturdy base. Artists often choose to frame their art in materials like plywood where they can preserve their work for a long time. Immortalise the beautiful paintings in a plywood frame and cover it with glass for a classy decor element. 

3. Company Mission & Vision Statements: Essential

Uncommon Office Decorating Ideas with CenturyPly Products

Often set to the side or seldom displayed with pride, the company Mission & Vision is the very core of your business. These statements embody the very essence of your company and deserves to be on full display on one of the main walls of your office. To ensure that this statement lasts a long, long time, choose Century plywood as the base. Create intricate patterns around it or emboss it on a big, strong looking block of plywood to communicate your company’s inner strength, the displayed vision is bound to remind your employees of what the business is built upon and drive them to achieve more.

4. Add Dividers

Uncommon Office Decorating Ideas with CenturyPly Products

Instead of walls, use plywood dividers for an open-office environment. This will offer more than a modern workspace look.Breaking down of conventional walls helps in increasing positive communication and collaboration among team members, giving the entire workspace an overall synergetic feel and opening them up to a feeling of belonging to their company.

This way, team members feel more apt to jump into conversations because the atmosphere is welcoming and informal.

CenturyPly can provide you with some of the most important office decor items-- from strong furniture to long-lasting decorative elements,-- just take your pick from the best range of CenturyPly products here: https://www.centuryply.com/product

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