4 Best Uses of Antiviral Laminates
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4 Best Uses of Antiviral Laminates

High Pressure laminates are like a blessing for the interior designing community. These miracle sheets can add character to your interiors, while at the same time, they protect your furniture from scratches, stains and more. But did you know that your High Pressure Laminates can now protect you from viruses, too?


A few years ago, the thought of antiviral laminates was just a dream. But with CenturyLaminates’ revolutionary ViroKill Technology, hygienic Indian homes are now a reality. These laminates not only ensure that your home is super clean, but also elevate your overall design to the next level.


So, if you are eager to incorporate them into your new home-building plan or are thinking of taking on a home improvement project, here are arguably the 4 best ways to use them.


1. Shield your Kitchen from Germs

You may not realise this  but your kitchen might just be a hotspot for germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The warmth and moisture conditions inside a kitchen is favourable for germ multiplication and can wreak havoc in your life if you are not careful. Instead of always being on your toes about constant cleaning of your kitchen surfaces, let our antiviral laminates take care of your kitchen and you. They kill more than 99% viruses & microbes and keeps your surfaces clean and tidy.


2. A Safe & Secure Door

A good door will keep you safe from very visible threats, but a great door will keep you safe from invisible threats, too! Just apply a finishing of our stunning laminates and you’ll get a door that looks gorgeous, protects you from outside forces and kills any harmful pathogens that land on it through contact-killing mechanism.


3. Your Kid’s Study Table

If you’re a parent or have little children living in your house, chances are that you constantly worry about their health. With a global pandemic taking the reigns of our lives, it has become all the more important to ensure they are safe from harm’s way. It is only fair to assume that the little ones will be spending a large chunk of their time studying. Therefore, one way of keeping them safe is by using antiviral laminates as a surface solution for their study table. Plus, these laminates are non-hazardous and completely safe to touch and use so you don’t have to worry about the antiviral properties leaching or leaking.


4. A Stylishly Hygienic TV-Table Unit

One very important furniture element in the house that is often ignored is the TV table unit. It houses your TV, the extra wirings and materials for its support and also acts as a storage surface for many items we use on a daily basis-- our keys, documents, medicines and more. This means that cleaning it or keeping it sanitised at all times is very important. Our antiviral laminates help you in this endeavour.


CenturyLaminates equipped with ViroKill Technology are available in many finishes, textures, colours, patterns and designs to make your journey to interior hygiene as aesthetically rich as possible. Explore our entire range of laminates here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurylaminates/allproducts.php

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