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Office Decor

Go beyond the spectrum of conventional to give your office spaces a personalised look that invokes awe and inspiration.

plywood for office table
  • Mesmeri Woodcart 654
  • Sammohi Woodcart 965

Mesmeri Woodcart 654

plywood for office desk
  • Sapwood Walnut Dark Brown 3425

Sapwood Walnut Dark Brown 3425


Build the calm and serene work environment by selecting the perfect Laminates for Office Decor from our range of Combinations.

Anti Fingerprint

Ideal for office desks, our range of Anti Fingerprint Laminates is designed to maintain hygiene and perfection at commercial spaces.

plywood for office
  • Oak Valley Light 4641
  • Oak Valley Rouge 3649

Oak Valley Light 4641

plywood for wardrobe
  • Pemenang Walnut 4523
  • Victor Walnut 4521

Pemenang Walnut 4523

plywood office cabin
  • Fairy Wood 687
  • Quite Wood 686

Fairy Wood 687

plywood racks
  • Silver Wenge 4952
  • Tokyo Wenge 4953.jpg

Silver Wenge 4952

Post Forming Laminates

Available in a wide range of contemporary designs, Post Forming Laminates are ideal to design cabinets, desk fronts and interior decor of office spaces.

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