Firewall protects you against the major cause of death during an unfortunate event- Toxic smoke emissions
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Firewall protects you against the major cause of death during an unfortunate event- Toxic smoke emissions

Building a house is a dream, making it safe and protecting your loved ones in it is a responsibility.

Everyone dreams of a beautiful house and everyone deserves their visions coming true. After all, your home is your humble abode, the place where you make memories, the place where you feel the most comfortable, the place where you are safe and loved. While envisioning your dream house, there is definitely a theme that suits your personality, interior decor that appeals to your taste. 

Plywood can be seen in every part of your house from living room to bedrooms and with new age decor, kitchens and bathrooms aren’t left behind on wooden interiors. While picking plywood for your house, it is absolutely essential to choose the right option which is not only comfortable and durable but is safe and is equipped with the right technology to fight the possibility of accidents. Accidents are unpredictable and being prepared to fight it is the best one can do. Fire accidents can happen due to a small wiring glitch or a forgotten lighter. Most people fail to really see how effectively their mattresses and furniture can be inflamed. Furniture makers give cautions about the fire risks of their materials yet tragically, the consumers purchasing new furniture don't generally notice or read the warnings. These things contain foam and fillers that consume quickly, discharge colossal hotness, produce harmful gases and devour oxygen quickly when set ablaze. When frequently positioned close to radiators, chimneys and wood-consuming ovens where they are easily touched off by a single spark.

Thanks to newer technology, it is possible to reduce the risk of accidents and lower the damages that can be caused in one. With Centuryply’s Firewall technology, plywood is protected against fire accidents and is your furniture firefighter. Firewall technology is an indigenously developed technology that uses nano-engineered particles embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it the best in class fire-fighting properties. Firewall is equipped with properties to prevent the spreading of fire rapidly and once the source of fire is removed, the surface self-extinguishes itself.

The most common reason for casualties during a fire outbreak is the release of toxic emissions in the form of smoke. Depending on the materials being burned, the smoke emitted can contain asphyxiants that can affect a person’s ability to breathe. Chemicals like hydrochloric acid, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen cyanide are often released in house-fires which cause damage to both civilians and fire fighters. Keeping this in mind, Firewall technology is designed to reduce smoke emission. While in a case of tragedy, the low emission rate is a blessing. Compared to ordinary plywood, surfaces with Firewall protection are bound to burn slower and the combustion producing smoke is slow enough to give enough time for the people involved to move away from the scene. A small window of time can be a huge aid in times of fire outbreak.

Not only is Firewall designed to reduce smoke emission and reduce the spread of fire, the flame penetration rate is the best in class. Fire penetration products can prevent flames from spreading on and stop the smoke emission but not letting it pass through. Plywood improved with Firewall, when tried had a fire penetration rate that was more prominent than three times the thickness of ply in minutes. Keeping the structure intact, when in contact with fire, it does not delaminate.

Provide your dreams and your dream home the protection against unpredictable mishaps. With the right building blocks, be it your furniture or your house, can be the pinnacle of safety in your life.

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