Three TV Panel Design Ideas You Can Achieve With Laminates
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Three TV Panel Design Ideas You Can Achieve With Laminates

A TV unit is counted among the most integral part of the living room in any modern house. It is probably the first item that any visitor notices in the living room. According to the current interior decoration trends, there is a plethora of TV panel design and styles available in the market ranging from sleek and elegant to minimal.

To make the TV panels more aesthetically valuable and increase their durability, you can add laminates to them. These days laminates come in different textures and colours, resulting in high popularity. Here, you will learn about three w TV unit designs where you can use laminates to give a luxurious look to your living room.


Three TV Panel Design with Laminates

A TV unit design has the potential to either enhance the interior of your house or make it look clumsy. Therefore, while deciding on the TV panel design, it is crucial to determine the area of your house, TV size and the lighting you have in your house.

Following are the top three ways you can add charm to your living space with a TV unit.

1. Modern and High-fashion TV Unit

If all the furniture of your living room has contemporary designs and elegant furnishings, your TV panel also needs to be highly modern. A trendy TV unit has a separate cabinet for the placement of the TV in such a way that the whole section looks balanced, simple yet stylish and elegant.

In addition to the structure of the unit, you need to be careful with the selection of the surface texture. Generally, metal, wooden panels, and veneer surface looks warm and welcoming for a living room with a contemporary design. In addition to the texture, the colour of the TV unit also plays a significant role in making your lounge welcoming. You can go for a neutral or warm shade that gives a cosy feel.

You can also consider covering the unit with a laminate to keep it protected from spills, damage caused by falling objects, etc. Apart from protection, CenturyLaminates offer a wide range of texture and colour that increases the aesthetic value of the unit and makes it an inseparable part of your lounge area.

2. Wooden TV panel design

A wooden TV unit never goes out of fashion. The classic wood TV panel compliments every colour and design of the living room, and it makes your house warm and welcoming. In addition, there are tons of wooden TV panels available in different sizes, colours and designs.

Therefore, a wooden TV unit looks stunning and gorgeous in any setting. Whether you have a rustic home interior, a traditional layout, or a luxurious art piece, wooden units go well with each type. Moreover, it makes any plain and not so furnished area into a trendy and lively space.

Although wood is the most loved material for TV units, you need to carefully select one for your house after determining the dimension of your living room. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the colour scheme and select a wooden texture accordingly. However, if you want to ditch the colour scheme, you can go for furniture laminates that come in a wide array of options. Moreover, they have colour fastness technology, heat resistance, and moisture resistance which keeps them dazzling for many years.

3. Shelf-style TV panel design

A TV unit with multiple open shelves is a clever and elegant way to display valuable decor items in the living room. These units often have storage drawers to keep the items you require regularly. Thus apart from being a functional TV unit, they also used display shelves as modern storage space.

These units are generally suitable for a small apartment that has limited space to accommodate multiple furniture and storage units. You can either customise these TV units as per your space availability or order them online by carefully considering the dimension of the ready-to-use TV units.

However, to increase the aesthetic appeal of these multipurpose TV panel design, you can layer them with Lucida laminates that come in multiple textures like stone, woodgrain, glitters, solid colours, etc. These laminates have virokill technology to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of your living room. Moreover, they have a hi-gloss finish that is scratch resistant and offer convenient cleaning to keep your furniture protected from damage.


These TV unit designs are suitable for making your lounge space more welcoming. You can select any of the three depending on your preferences and the design elements of the whole house. However, you must consider the quality of the material, TV cabinet size, texture of the unit, and its storage capacity before ordering one for your house.

In addition, you must also select a suitable laminate from the house of CenturyPly to add value, durability, and an excellent finish to your TV panel so that it goes well with other elements of your lounge.


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