Waterproof. Termite proof. Borer Proof
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Waterproof. Termite proof. Borer Proof

When you decide to build a new place for yourself or revamp the existing one, or just want to have something as little as a change of a furniture piece, you seem to check the same boxes for the same set of qualities.

Be it a nuanced change of chest drawer or a hefty furniture makeover in the name of home renovation, plywood is always a primary raw material that has to be there in the making of the beautiful furniture that you desire.

And the furniture to sustain for long has to have some general set of qualities:


Termite Proof

Borer Proof

How do we choose plywood that has all 3 of these?

Honestly, however, difficult it seems but it is rather fairly easy to find plywood that has all the above-mentioned qualities and in fact, more than that.

All you have to do is choose Sainik 710, asli waterproof plywood by CenturyPly.

Yes, this single plywood has everything you are looking for:


Sainik plywood is known for its waterproof properties as it has passed the rigorous boiling waterproof test. Sainik plywood did not delaminate even after subjecting it to boiling water for about 72 hours. Whereas, when subjected to a similar test, regular plywood loses its structural integration in just one hour. Thus, with Sainik, we are not looking at water resistance, but promising waterproof.

Unlike local manufacturers, who dip regular plywood in a chemical that gives it a darker shade as that of waterproof plywood, CenturyPly actually uses the special phenolic resins that make the plywood truly waterproof.

2. Termite and Borer Proof:

As a leading brand, CenturyPly takes the onus of delivering the best quality to its consumers. Thus, to make Sainik plywood termite and borer proof, it uses the special Glue Line Protection that ensures that the plywood doesn’t only resist the mite attack but actually completely destroys them. Thus, Sainik plywood is termite and borer proof.

With its impeccable performance as termite and borer proof plywood, CenturyPly offers an extended warranty of 8 years with Sainik plywood. So, you can stop worrying about the pest attack and make the palaces you thought of with Sainik plywood.

3. Affordable:

As we promised, these are not the only qualities that you get with Sainik plywood. Given the superpowers you get with Sainik, it is actually quite affordable. Sainik plywood comes at a reasonable price of Rs.102 / sqft (including taxes). And the good thing is that it follows the ‘One nation, one price’ strategy. So you don’t have to worry about the cost flexibility as per the region you live in. Sainik plywood comes at a uniform price across the whole country. 

Why termite proof plywood is a strategic choice?

Investing in termite-proof plywood for your furniture is a strategic choice that ensures longevity and preserves the aesthetic appeal of your prized possessions. Unlike conventional plywood, anti-termite plywood is specially treated to resist termite infestations, offering a robust defense against these wood-devouring pests. By opting for termite-proof plywood, you shield your furniture from potential damage, ensuring its structural integrity over time.

Anti-termite plywood not only provides protection against termite attacks but also acts as a preventive measure, saving you from the hassle and expenses of dealing with termite-related repairs or replacements in the future. This type of Termite Proof plywood is engineered with advanced technologies and chemical treatments that create a barrier, making it unappealing and inhospitable for termites to thrive. Investing in termite-proof plywood reflects a commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Now that you are well-versed about the miraculous performance of this plywood, you can purchase Sainik710 -   Asli waterproof at various stores or even online on our own e-shop: https://www.centuryply.com/sainik-710-2021


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