The Virokill Difference: What Sets Our Technology Apart in the Fight Against Pathogens
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The Virokill Difference: What Sets Our Technology Apart in the Fight Against Pathogens

Recent times have seen an upsurge in diseases, pushing people to make hygienic choices for their health. Microbes have become a real threat, and thus, there is a dire need for effective and reformative ways to combat them. The trend to invest in objects equipped with self-cleaning technology has been on the rise and has been quite effective during the pandemic.

Hence, why not have self-cleaning surfaces in your home to avoid the hassle of cleaning furniture regularly? You can have it with the promise of Virokill Technology by CenturyPly.

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Virokill Technology and Its Emergence

Effortless Compatibility 

Virokill Technology is a self-doctoring coating based on nanoparticles that provide the advantage of surface treatment to all your desired furniture and architecture. Through the AAAA (A-4) comprehensive safety protection system, this revolutionary technology can protect against various germs.

You can protect yourself from bacteria, fungi and even viruses. This technology is designed to kill 99.99% of viruses on any surface and give you microbe-free pieces of furniture.

Growing demand for a more effective, precise, and environmentally friendly method of surface microbiological control led to the development of CenturyPly's Virokill technology. It has been a popular solution to maintain the hygiene of surfaces that we come in contact with regularly.

Distinctive Feature of Virokill Technology: Silver Nanoparticles

CenturyPly took it upon themselves to address the biggest fear among microbes -the fear of the virus. The R&D team and its efforts to harness the power of silver nanoparticles have been a game changer. Silver nanoparticles are what make Virokill technology special and unique.

What are nanoparticles, and how are they the heart of Virokill technology? Nanoparticles are less than 100 nanometres in size and thus are incredibly small. They are engineered to target specific microbes, and their small size makes them easy to incorporate into products like plywood and laminates. Their contact-killing mechanism makes them extremely precise to microbial threats. When the microbes come in contact with surfaces installed with this technology, they physically rupture, disrupting their structural integrity to make them harmless. These nanoparticles, thus, are engineered on their interaction with microbes to ensure a microbe-free surface.

Leading Features along with Virokill Tech

Products like plywood and decoratives enabled with Virokill Technology also have many other revolutionary features. CenturyPly brings you an assortment of the features of being antiviral with many more:

  • Virokill Technology and Its Emergence

  • Boiling Water Proof - a perfect fit for your kitchen countertops

  • Warp and Bend proof- suitable for constructing your cabinets to your headboards.

  • Mite resistant- Borer and Termite Proof for long-lasting furniture and decor

  • Thermostable- the go-to choice for varying climatic conditions such as humidity, temperature, etc.

  • Not only antiviral but also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

  • Unaltered by mild cleaning methods: You do not have to worry about it being washed away as you clean your surfaces. You are free to use a damp cleaning cloth on your surfaces as it is deeply incorporated into the products.

  • Safe: It is certified by the Department of Science & Technology (DST) to be entirely safe for kids and pets and thus appropriate for your interiors.

How is Choosing Virokill Technology an Eco-Conscious Choice?

The expense of having a safe and hygienic home does not have to be pricey for the environment and the ecosystems. Virokill technology is built with critical sustainability factors and a minimal environmental footprint in mind. Traditional cleaning of furniture and surfaces requires harsh chemicals, which eventually make their way into the ecosystem and cause inevitable damage for years to come. The precise and targeted approach of Virokill Technology specifically affects the microbes and does not encourage the release of toxic products. Thus making it an eco-friendly choice for your dream house.

Proof to Look for by CenturyPly

CenturyPly has stayed true to its motto of helping manage customer problems and has done them with certified products. Virokill technology has gone through the following tests and has aced it:

  • Antimicrobial Efficacy Test
    This test has been carried out in compliance with international standards JIS Z 2801:2010. It tests the efficiency of this technology to protect against particular fungi and bacteria on contact.

  • Antiviral Efficacy Test
    This test has been carried out in compliance with ISO 21702:2019 international standards. It tests its efficiency against viruses when in contact.

Products with Virokill Technology

CenturyPly products that are empowered with this technology are:

  • Plywood Variants: Architect Ply/Architect Plus, Club Prime/710 Plus, Bond 10/Pro710, CenturyTeak

  • Decorative Laminates

  • Decorative veneers: Natzura Woods and Senzura Styles

In a Nutshell

CenturyPly is here to upgrade your living standards and let you not worry about getting sick anymore. The pioneering Virokill Technology offers a safe, easy-to-maintain and sustainable solution to your home. Make the wisest choice for your home, your family, and your surroundings by adding the safety of Virokill Technology and Silver Nano Technology to your near and dear interiors.

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