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What is the CenturyPromise App?

There is an abundance of counterfeit plywood in the market. To combat this problem, CenturyPly is the first in the country to have integrated unique QR codes in all its plyboards. You can download and use the CenturyPromise App to scan this QR code. Once scanned, the QR code will tell you whether the plyboard is an original CenturyPly product or if it is a duplicate. Along with this, it will also provide the details of the factory where the plyboard was manufactured. With CenturyPromise App you will also be able to download the e-warranty certificate for a purchase made by you or your customer.

How to use CenturyPromise App?

Why should contractors and dealers use CenturyPromise App?

For one and all

The CenturyPromise app can be used by customers, dealers, retailers and contractors. Customers may use it to detect the authenticity of the purchased plyboard, download e-warranty and stay updated on latest offers and promotions. Dealers, contractors and retailers may use the app to gain the trust of their customers by being transparent about the authenticity of their products and can also issue e-warranty certificates for their customers.

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Benefits of CenturyPromise App

  • Century Promise App Benefit

    E-warranty certificate available

  • Smartphone and Tablet compatible APP

    Smartphone and Tablet compatible

  • Duplicate Proof


  • Century Promise App - Free of Cost

    Free of cost

  • Century Promise App - Available on iOS and Playstore

    Available on iOS and Playstore

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