Quality Plywood for Cupboard That Give Your Home A Touch Of Elegance
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Quality Plywood for Cupboard That Give Your Home A Touch Of Elegance

Table of Contents:

➔      Introduction

➔      What Is Plywood?

➔      But Why Plywood For Cupboards?

➔      Look For These Qualities

➔      Skeptical? Do The Nail Holding Test!

➔      Which Plywood Is Most Suitable For Cupboards?

➔      Range Of Plywoods Available At CenturyPly


You use cupboards to store our daily use items. Whether it is about storing your crockery, garments or your tools, Cupboards always come to rescue. Moreover, they help you declutter your space as well. Therefore, it is considered an important purchase decision to get quality cupboards for your home.

In this article, we will go over the major types of plywoods available in the market. We will elaborate upon why plywood is a superior material for construction of cupboards and wardrobes. Last but not the least, we will throw some light on how CenturyPly offers a great range of plywood for cupboard and wardrobe designs. So let’s dive into it.

What Is Plywood?

Plywood is manufactured by using small wood chippings, slices, sheets and pieces of wood. They are placed perpendicular to each other and glued with synthetic adhesive. In the past few decades, plywood has been the most used material in the furniture and interior design industry. The various functionalities of plywood will be discussed further in the article.

But Why Plywood For Cupboard?

Cupboards are a rather essential item of furniture found in almost every home. Apart from every other functionality it offers, the main purpose of cupboards is to store your things. Hence, when you are searching for the material best suited for your cupboards, ask yourself the following questions:

● What kind of material do you want to store in your cupboard?

● Do you need to store your garments in the cupboard?

● Do you need to store heavy items in your cupboard?

● How much weight do you want the cupboard to hold?

● Are you going to use the cupboard on a daily basis?

This will help you decide better upon the best plywood for cupboard designs to have in your house. Now the questions are done so let’s move on to the qualities you should be looking for in your plywood.

Look For These Qualities

The plywood for cupboard designs needs to be sturdy and durable although still not too heavyweight. The following are the general qualities that make plywood the best choice for cabinets and wardrobes in your home:

Water Resistant- It is less susceptible to moisture or water damage. It is especially a great choice for Indian homes that experience so many weather changes including extreme heat and cold. This makes plywood an excellent choice for cupboards.

Bend Proof- It does not shrink, band, crack, or warp easily because the plywoods are made from vertically placed wood chippings that are bonded with synthetic adhesive. That is the reason for its durability.​​​​​​​

Affordable- It is reasonably priced, for instance, the Sainik 710 plywood by CenturyPly starts from ₹105 per unit (unit = 929 sq.cm., inclusive of GST). It is a Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) plywood. The price is determined by the type and thickness of the board. It may vary depending upon the size and quality you choose.​​​​​​​

● Durable- It is stronger than most engineered woods and is also capable of holding heavier loads. With various sizes and numbers of plys, you can easily four fold the density of your plywood for cupboard design.

Lightweight- Although shifting and relocating is not the main concern, still the cupboards must not be too heavy to move. The material plywood is comparatively lighter than the natural boards or other engineered wood boards, making it an excellent choice for cupboards.

Skeptical? Do The Nail Holding Test!

If you want to take matters into your own hands then here’s a tip to ensure the quality of your plywood. Keeping all the features of plywood aside, try this. Take a sample piece of plywood, place a nail perpendicular to it and then hammer the nail. If it stays put then your plywood is good. 

The reason behind it is the softness of wood. If the nail does not stand perpendicular on the plywood, it means that the plywood does not offer the right amount of softness. This means that it is probably not good and dense. Duplicate or bad quality plywood just breaks into two pisces, this is definitely not a good sign.

You should always ensure the quality of your plywood. This is why CenturyPly has launched an app CenturyPromise. It allows you to scan the QR Code on the plywood and get your product authenticated. 

Which  Plywood is Best for Cupboards?

Crafted with uncompromising quality, our plywood is a testament to durability and sophistication. Engineered for strength and longevity, it ensures that your plywood for cupboards stand the test of time while exuding an air of refined charm. Experience the seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics as our carefully curated range of plywood for cupboards transforms your living spaces. When it comes to your home, nothing but the finest will do. Choose quality, choose elegance, choose a home that reflects your refined taste. Upgrade your cupboards and elevate your lifestyle with premium plywood for cupboards – where enduring beauty meets unmatched craftsmanship. 

Choosing the right plywood for your cupboards is crucial. It ensures both lasting durability and the ability to create a space that reflects your style. When it comes to superior strength and a flawless finish, hardwood plywood reigns supreme. However, choosing the best plywood for cupboards depends on how much moisture they'll face. For dry areas like living room cabinets, strong and beautiful hardwood plywood is ideal. But for kitchens and bathrooms with steam and spills, choose moisture-resistant plywood like MR grade for moderate moisture or BWP grade for high moisture areas to prevent warping and keep your cupboards looking great for years.

Range Of Plywoods Available At CenturyPly

CenturyPly has some amazing plywood categories but be sure to check out the following products on the CenturyPly website or e-shop. They have additional features such as ViroKill Technology and Firewall Protection. These are some of the hardwood plywoods that are great especially for cupboards:

● Club Prime Plywood

● Sainik 710 Plywood

● Sainik MR Plywood

● Architect Ply

● Bond 710 Plywood

Cupboards Embellish Your Home For Long Term

When you have to make a purchase decision that impacts your daily life for a long duration, that means it is crucial. Now that you know everything about quality plywood for cupboard designs, make an informed purchase decision for your beloved home. Choose authentic plywood from a prestigious brand such as CenturyPly! And you already know why : )

When it comes to choosing the right material for your cupboards, plywood emerges as the top choice for various reasons. Plywood, made from small wood chippings bonded with synthetic adhesive, has become a staple in the furniture and interior design industry due to its versatility and durability.

Plywood offers several qualities that make it ideal for cupboard construction. Firstly, it is water-resistant, making it highly suitable for Indian homes that experience changing weather conditions. Its resistance to moisture and water damage ensures the longevity of your cupboards, even in humid environments.

Additionally, plywood is bend-proof and resistant to shrinking, cracking, or warping.

This durability is attributed to the vertically placed wood chippings and the strong bond created by the synthetic adhesive. With plywood, you can be rest assured that your cupboards will maintain their structural integrity over time.

Affordability is another advantage of plywood. Brands like CenturyPly offer a range of plywood options at reasonable prices. For example, the Sainik 710 plywood starts from ₹107 per unit, making it an affordable choice for cupboard construction without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, plywood is known for its strength and ability to hold heavier loads. With various sizes and numbers of plies, you can easily enhance the density and weight-bearing capacity of your cupboard's plywood construction.

Lastly, plywood is lightweight compared to natural boards or other engineered wood boards. This lightweight nature makes it easier to move and install cupboards without excessive effort.

To ensure the quality of the plywood you choose, you can conduct a simple nail holding test. Place a nail perpendicular to a sample piece of plywood and hammer it. If the nail stays put, it indicates good quality plywood with the right amount of softness. CenturyPly even offers an app called CenturyPromise, allowing you to authenticate your plywood products by scanning the QR code.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable plywood for cupboards, hardwood plywood stands out. Hardwood plywood offers strength, durability, and beautiful grain patterns, making it an excellent choice for building cabinets and cupboards.

CenturyPly offers a range of plywood options to cater to various needs. Their Club Prime Plywood, Sainik 710 Plywood, Sainik MR Plywood, Architect Ply, and Bond 710 Plywood are highly recommended choices for cupboard construction. These plywood options not only provide elegance to your home but also come with additional features such as ViroKill Technology and Firewall Protection.

In conclusion, quality plywood for cupboards adds a touch of elegance to your home. Opting for authentic plywood from renowned brands like CenturyPly ensures durability, water resistance, and affordability. Choose plywood for your cupboards and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style.

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