Get hi-gloss laminates for wardrobe - Lucida laminates
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Get hi-gloss laminates for wardrobe - Lucida laminates

When you get a beautiful shelter at home, your clothes, shoes and pantry deserve the same gorgeous storage space. To your wardrobes, closets, cupboards and every storage space, give a shiny appearance and sturdy support with Lucida Laminates.

So, What Are Laminates?

Lamination is the process of adding an extra layer of material to your surfaces or more commonly plywood to give it additional strength and durability. Laminates are used all around the house on different surfaces and gives these surfaces shine and makes them look beautiful while simultaneously adding on multiple benefits to your home.

Centuryply is India’s leading manufacturer of plywood and goes adobe and beyond to give your homes a beautiful touch. Our line of Centurylaminates is designed with the customers in mind. To give your furnishings a friend that protects it, Lucida Laminates is the perfect pick. 

Where Can I Use Laminates?

CenturyLaminates’ Lucida is an easy to use laminate that can be used for multiple purposes. Be it your walls or Lucida covers it all. Laminates can be used to protect your furnishings or just add an extra layer of strength and durability to them. From the living room to kitchen to bathroom, all parts of your home can now have gloss and grit with Lucida.

How Do These Help My Wardrobes?

When you’re considering getting your closets built or your cupboards redesigned, Lucida comes handy. Wardrobes can be around the house in places like your bedroom, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets or pantry. Wardrobes help you store not just clothes but items like cooking essentials, bathing products, regular everyday items, books and much more. Given the array of articles you’ll store in your closets, covering up a large amount of factors on your requirements should be a must.

Your wardrobes take up quite some space around the house and it’s not a thing to miss for your guests and visitors. They add shine and give your cupboards and closets a beautiful looking gloss that catches anybody’s eyes. Not only are they stylish but they also have benefits that cover your health worries. For the dust that settles in the corners, Lucida makes it easier to maintain. It cleans in a single swipe and you won’t be left spending hours on keeping it tidy. With Virokill technology ingrained, viruses and microorganisms are a far cry. Everything in your cupboards is safe from harmful bacteria and your wardrobes in itself are protected against borers and termites with this. Being resistant to moisture and changing weather conditions, your storage spaces are bound to live a longer life with Lucida around. In terms of utility, beauty and safety, you’ve got yourself covered in all areas with Lucida.

What’s So Special About It Anyway?

From adding an additional layer of protection to providing gorgeous looking closets, Lucida takes care of all your needs. With its resistance to high impact, you can now store heavier articles and accidental drops do not pose a threat to your storage spaces. Lucida also makes your furnishings resistant to stains and scratches and keeps them healthy looking for a long time.

Lucida also comes in multiple colours and designs that can please your overall interior decor theme. Everyday use of your wardrobe can mean fading of your beautiful cupboards but Lucida ensures the shine and colour stays for longer than any average laminate and leaves your furniture looking fresh for a long time.

For long lasting furniture and longer lasting shine on them, pick Lucida laminates and give your storage spaces good looks, better strength and the best in class features.

You can learn more about Lucida here:  

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