Another step towards fire accident prevention
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Another step towards fire accident prevention

Another step towards fire accident prevention

With close to 1.6 million fire accidents and more than 27,000 lives lost due to such accidents every year, the fear of fire is evident amongst everyone in the nation. Even though people often take precautions at their end, accidents still take place and often cause huge amounts of loss to both man and material. However, thanks to technology we now have materials that are fire-retardant that can play an important part in  Fire Accident Prevention.

One such viable and versatile material is plywood, known for its meticulous nature, it is the most preferred option when it comes to interiors.

CenturyPly, one of the most trusted names in India for plywood has a select range of fire-retardant plywood. Termed ‘Firewall Technology’ has nano-engineered particles that are embedded in the polymer matrix of plywood, giving it the best in class fire-fighting properties.

Some of the key features of fire retardant plywood by CenturyPly are as follows:

1.  Reduced smoke emission

In the event of a fire, the amount of smoke generated can be a significant hazard. A huge amount of toxic fumes are generated which can lead to be fatal because of suffocation. However, with the Firewall Technology, the smoke emission rate is remarkably lower as compared to ordinary plywood, therefore allowing one enough time to extinguish the source of the fire. CenturyPly's Firewall technology focuses on minimizing smoke emission, providing occupants with clearer visibility and better escape routes during an emergency.

2.  High Temperature Resistance:

The plywood is crafted to withstand high temperatures, delaying its combustion and adding crucial moments to evacuation efforts. This resistance to elevated temperatures is a crucial factor in preventing the rapid escalation of fire incidents. A 19mm thick plywood enriched with Firewall technology halts the fire for about 50 minutes before it penetrates through. When tested this plywood had a flame penetration rate that was greater than 3 times the thickness of plywood in minutes, thereby allowing you to exit the premises safely. thickness of plywood in minutes, thereby allowing you to exit the premises safely.

3.  Compliance with Standards:

CenturyPly's Firewall technology adheres to stringent fire safety standards and regulations. This commitment to compliance ensures that the plywood meets or exceeds industry benchmarks for fire resistance, providing users with a reliable and effective preventive solution.

4.  Integrity and Stability:

CenturyPly's Firewall technology ensures that the plywood retains its structural integrity even under fire exposure. This is crucial for preventing the collapse of structures during a fire, providing additional time for evacuation and firefighting efforts.

5. Borer and Termite Proof:

Not only from fire these fire-retardant plywood are also borer and termite-proof. With the use of the special Glue Line Protection, they not only resist these pests but also aid in completely destroying them. Hence, leaving you stress-free about the cleanliness of your interiors.

Firewall technology has been tested for a wide variety of critical parameters like smoke-developed index, flammability, and so on. These plywood perform far superior as compared to other similar plywood available in the market under standard test conditions to the benchmark specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, American standards ASTM E84 as well as British standards BS 476.

By integrating CenturyPly's Firewall technology into construction and interior design, individuals and businesses can significantly enhance their fire safety measures, creating spaces that prioritize occupant well-being and protection.

Consider investing in fire-retardant plywood for all your furniture needs and take this important step towards fire accident prevention. Learn more about CenturyPly’s firewall technology at this link:

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