20 Modern TV Unit Design for Ultimate Entertainment at your Space
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20 Modern TV Unit Design for Ultimate Entertainment at your Space

As the world evolves, so does our approach to our entertainment spaces. Modern interior designs are stunning, enhancing the look of our homes. The quest for an enhanced viewing experience takes centre stage as we navigate technology and style. Welcome to a realm where sleek minimalism, smart storage solutions, and cutting-edge technology converge to redefine how we engage with entertainment.

The focal point of any living room, the television unit, has become more than just a functional piece of furniture; it's now a statement of style and sophistication. Here are 20 tips for modern TV unit designs to elevate your viewing experience and give your living room a contemporary touch.

Table of Contents:

●   20 Tips to Modernise Your Media Centre

●   Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a TV Unit

●   Conclusion

20 Tips to Modernise Your Media Centre

Netflix and chill is gratifying when the ambience aligns with your taste. While glued to the screen, are we solely fixated on the TV? Surprisingly, the sleek TV panel not only offers crucial structural support but also greatly enhances its aesthetic appeal and transforms the ambience of your living room. Let’s discuss these 20 modern TV unit designs tips to help you choose the perfect TV unit for your home.

1. Maximise The Space with Shelf-Style TV Units

TV units with open shelves provide elegant storage and display items, ideal for smaller apartments. Customizable with Lucida laminates, these multipurpose panels are complemented by Virokill technology for cleanliness and durability.

2. Elevate Your Living Space with Wooden TV Units

Wooden TV units offer timeless appeal, versatile design options, and a warm atmosphere, blending in with various home interiors. Use of furniture laminates offer colour fastness, heat resistance, and moisture resistance.

3. Choose the Correct Size

Ensure that the TV stand's height is appropriate for the TV size. Make sure the stand is wider than the TV by a few inches.

4. Sleek Wall-Mounted TV Unit

Amongst the modern TV unit designs, sleek and minimalist designs are significantly popular. By mounting the TV on the wall and adding closets or storage units all around it, you can go for a minimalist look.

5. Multi-functional Media Center

Examine larger units that can hold the TV, media devices, and game consoles. These units may include shelves, cabinets, and compartments.

6. Built-in TV Shelving

Incorporate your TV into built-in shelves to display ornamental items. Such modern TV unit designs create a purposeful, eye-catching surround.

7. Floating Illusion TV Unit

Mount the TV on a wall panel or a specially-made shelf with hidden wires to create the illusion that it is floating.

8. Space-Efficient Corner TV Unit

Triangular units made especially to tuck into corners will maximise space in confined areas.

9. Sleek and Low-Profile Media Console

Choose low-profile, broader units that offer plenty of room for media equipment storage while maintaining a stylish appearance.

10. Hidden Storage TV Stand

When looking for neat modern TV unit designs for living areas, combine a TV stand with hidden storage to keep books, DVDs, and other items out of sight.

11. Simple TV Stand Design with Floating Drawers

Choose a TV stand with an integrated book cabinet and push-to-open drawers in a simple, minimalistic design for plenty of storage.

12. Vintage Styling with Antiques

Incorporate large-scale vintage items to counterbalance the TV and traditional style and antiques.

13. Gallery Wall Integration

Make sure the TV isn't the main attraction by hanging it alongside artwork on a gallery wall with similar proportions.

14. Repurposed Charm with Dresser Stand

Repurpose a dresser to create a chic TV stand. This is one of the best modern TV unit designs that provides storage and utility, giving it new life.

15. Dark Backdrop Illusion

Paint the TV stand and the wall behind it a dark colour to minimise glare and highlight the moody ambience. This will create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

16. Eclectic Secondhand TV Stand

Look into non-traditional options by looking up sideboards, consoles, or cabinets online that combine traditional or eclectic styles.

17. Custom Frame Elegance

Enhance the TV's appearance with a specially designed frame. Such modern TV unit designs hide wires and hardware and offer a thoughtful, elegant appearance.

18. Dynamic Bookshelf TV Stand

For a dynamic and multi-layered effect, place the TV in front of a bookshelf and make use of the shelves to add more visual interest.

19. Concealed TV Behind Cabinet

To create a neat and clutter-free appearance, tuck the TV away behind cabinet doors or an armoire when not in use.

20. Barn Door Enclosure for TV

Add oversized barn or wooden doors to enclose the TV so that it can be fully hidden and enjoy a serene view when not in use.

Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing Modern TV Unit Designs

Here are a few things you must consider before choosing a TV Unit.

●   Ensure the TV unit meets the proper eye level and matches the decor.

●   Choose a unit that provides adequate support and ventilation for your television model.

●   Don't let a jumble of cables disrupt your TV unit's sleek, modern look. To hide cables for a smooth watching experience, choose modern designs focusing on compactness and a clutter-free setup for better viewing. You can also consider cable management solutions like ties or concealers to keep wires organised and out of sight.

●   Evaluate your storage needs for media devices, gaming consoles, DVDs, and other accessories.


Upgrade your living space with these modern TV unit designs that blend style and functionality. Whether you choose a contemporary, wooden, or shelf-style unit, each tip enhances your viewing experience. These designs elevate your entertainment space, creating a trendy living room that seamlessly integrates style with technology.

Remember, your TV unit reflects your style, playing a crucial role in setting the ambience of your living room. Contemporary living room TV units should blend seamlessly into the decor, using CenturyVeneer materials and CenturyLaminates for warmth, color, and visual appeal. So, dive into these trendsetting designs and create a living room that uniquely defines you.

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