Maintaining and Caring for Your Doors: Tips for Longevity
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Maintaining and Caring for Your Doors: Tips for Longevity

We invest our money, time, and efforts to purchase the right doors that match our style, persona and space. Are quality or aesthetics to be compromised? A big No! Then how can we be stress-free when it comes to maintaining the doors and safeguarding our investment?

CenturyDoors brings relief! The doors are manufactured with technologies that bring a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics and require less maintenance. This, again, saves our time, effort, and money, and it provides peace of mind.

Let us explore the tips to maintain our classic doors for their longevity.

Table of Contents:

Practices to Maintain Your Door

Maintaining and properly caring for our luxurious doors are crucial yet challenging. People invest so much in doors that require less maintenance and have a longer life. Here are some ways you can keep your doors more alive and contribute to their longevity:

Avoid Contact with Sharp Objects

Sharp objects like knives, pins, and nails can disrupt fine finishing. Once the appealing look is gone, your door may lose the luxurious fine finish. To avoid this, it is advisable not to play with sharp objects near doors.

In addition, avoiding contact with large objects, such as sudden impact from huge objects like furniture, can result in dents and damage. This not only destroys the finishing but also affects the Virokill technology at the impact points.

Do Not Let Children Scrap or Scratch Your Doors

Children are pure hearts and want to explore every new possible thing to get themselves to learn more. In the process, you must ensure that your children do not play with sharp objects at your door.

Minor scratches and scraping are fine, and do not let your doors get damaged or their fine finishing affected. However, if your door gets major scratches, it may fiddle with the surface treatment and finishing, leading to its decreased shelf life.

Keep Stubborn Stains Away

Children love to play with crayons, paints, and other colours on walls and doors. Ensure that your children explore more and more with papers or canvases while playing with colours and not harming your doors. Keep an eye on when they are heading with permanent colours, paints and highlights to play with, as they leave a prominent mark or stain on your door if a child uses it as a canvas!

Also, make sure grease, wall paints, and other painting items do not come in contact with your doors during renovation or painting, as their spot would not leave easily and require chemical treatments that may further rupture their shine.

Keep Extreme Heat and Fire Away

Unlike other doors available in the market, CenturyDoors are fire-resistant. However, we do not know what will happen next and must avoid certain levels of heat and fire to reach the doors. It may cause high risk and longer spread of fire, leading to destruction not just doors but your place.

It is advisable to keep your children and yourself from playing with crackers and fireworks indoors, especially near doors. Avoiding the same may safeguard the design, fine finishings, veneers and laminates of your designer doors, making them run for longer periods.

Use Mild Detergent to Clean

Cleaning is a must for doors to maintain hygiene and enhance the doors' shelf life. However, with the craze of cleaning, we have yet to figure out how harsh chemicals can destroy the fine finish of our doors. But why do we prefer harsh chemicals? Stains like pomegranate, oil, paint, and grease can only be cleansed using harsh detergents or harsh chemicals.

Despite the fact that CenturyDoors are stain-resistant, regularly cleaning them with harsh chemicals can fade the beauty of your shiny doors. If you want your doors to run for a longer period without discolouration of the vibrant colours, you must wipe the doors with mild detergents. CenturyDoors does not require heavy cleaning.

Lubrication and Inspection

Occasional lubricants are necessary for hinges and locks. These lubricants are specially prepared for doors to ensure that you won't get disturbed by the creek sound of your doors. On the other hand, if you find any indication of damage, dents, impacts, or prominent stains on your CenturyDoors, you must call for an inspection. This helps prevent further damage to your luxurious doors.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain your doors and providing professional assistance at the right time can save you unnecessary investment and make it worthwhile.


Now that you know the maintenance tips to keep your doors tips, you can easily figure out how important it is to care for our doors to increase their life. CenturyDoors offers the best doors in the market that require less maintenance. These doors bring an appealing and luxurious touch to your space at minimal costs. Therefore, keeping doors maintained by ourselves is crucial to maintaining hygiene, maintaining its shine, and increasing longevity. Follow the above-mentioned tips that will function as do’s and don'ts to save your quality time and be stress-free, save investment and maintain fine finishing of your favourite doors.

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