5 Partition Designs for Hallways That Strike the Perfect Balance Between Form and Function
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5 Partition Designs for Hallways That Strike the Perfect Balance Between Form and Function

The lavish aspirations are not limited to functional living spaces. Rather, they go forward to make each area Instagram-perfect. While main doors, windows, and walls offer a sleek and stylish touch, partitions are another area capable of showcasing your creativity and tastes. With numerous elegantly designed partition hallways, we bring you five unique and evergreen designs to match each taste. Have a look to take inspiration or implement it in your next project!

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5 Partition Designs for Hallways

With CenturyPly being an established and trustworthy brand name, we do not only offer you the designs but the raw materials as well. There are two-panel division boards available at CenturyPly: Zykron Cement Fiberboards and CenturyPly MDF Boards. Suitable for multipurpose use, these come with a long warranty and quality characteristics, ensuring a long stay with you while keeping your home stylish.

1. Sliding Barriers

To fulfil the need for privacy without compromising aesthetics, sliding barriers are a worthy option. They can glide or lock as needed, offering flexibility in space utilisation. The sliding barriers with CenturyPly panel division boards can be used to provide a minimalist look.

Further, the freedom and option remain to add metals, wood, or glass as the design element, offering customization as per needs. The sliding barriers also fit in the hallways in various settings, including but not limited to rooms, hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, institutes, and others.

2. Fusing Wood With Metal

Rather than using the complete wood-based partition, you can add in the preferred and different touch to fixated partitions. It offers a visually striking and captivating look while also offering flexibility in choice and taste. It also allows for a better fusion of furniture, interiors, and decor.

The sturdiness of both wood and metal offers protection and durability while offering the desired style. The net framework-based metal elements can allow sneak-peek on each side or maintain communication. Suited for maximalists, the vibrant colours here are a must-try.

3. Shelf Designed Partitions

What if partitions served multiple functions beyond mere division? Yes, it is possible to design the CenturyPly panel division boards into basic triangular, square, rectangular, or circular shapes. Combining these different shapes, while some can be used for keeping the showpiece, plants, or trophies, others can be used blocked with designer glasses.

Add simple see-through glass, translucent glass, coloured glass, or any other glass based on taste and hallway interiors. The mentioned design is certain to add practical aspects while being versatile. Modification of the depths, heights, diameters, or size can further add an eye-catching look.

4. Contemporary Design

In the era where minimalist trends prevail, keeping up with trends in lower expenditure is easy. The contemporary design offers simplicity with the addition of a plain wooden wall. The straightforward patterns, clean lines, and geometric forms provide a modern look.

The overall exhibition can be glossy, neutral, or matte. It also offers customization and remains in accordance with allowing the natural flow of light and air. The contemporary design can be further incorporated with technology as per the convenience of adding lights, including smart home systems, or keeping in energy-efficient appliances.

4. Partition with Vertical Garden

With increasing industrial and cityscapes to view, finding a touch of green is becoming difficult. Access to clean and tidy greenery with fresh air is now possible directly at your home or office. The hallway partition of the panel division board can be coupled with a vertical garden. The innovative and intriguing approach is certain to add to the aesthetics while being practical.

Besides simple aesthetics and fresh air to breathe, the vertical garden also filters and purifies the air, increases oxygen levels, acts as a natural insulator, regulates humidity, reduces stress, and enhances productivity while uplifting the mood. It also offers an Instagram-friendly look, so pose, click, and post!

Tips to Maintain Partition Designs

Having a panel division board partition is easier, but maintaining it requires consistent efforts. Hence, to ease it off, here are certain tips to consider:

  • Apply protective coatings: Ensure the application of protective coating or sealant around the panel boards. It increases the lifespan. The protective coatings must be well taken care of and should be immediately replaced in case of a break, crack, or poor condition.

  • Regular cleanliness: Regular cleanliness is essential. While routine tasks involve simple dusting, deep cleaning must be performed weekly and consistently to avoid compromise or wear and tear into the partition design. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Also, avoid the usage of generally recommended or random materials so as not to lose the look and shine.

  • Immediately remove the stains: The longer the stains are left, the harder it is to remove them. Cleaning them right away is a matter of a few minutes and helps in the long run.

  • Seek professional help: There are partition cleaning experts ready to offer their services. In case you find it difficult to clean or currently have an old partition in poor condition, seeking professional help will ease the job in a time-efficient manner.


Partitions are an additional space available to show off one's creativity and taste. With numerous designs available, the choice can be challenging. However, keeping your basic requirements straight is certain to help. It will include durability, raw material, and a superficial idea of style in your mind. CenturyPly offers two varieties of partition designs with numerous important characteristics to meet the need.

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