Lucida Laminates: The Revolutionary Solution For Busy Kitchens
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Lucida Laminates: The Revolutionary Solution For Busy Kitchens

A kitchen helps turn a house into a home, and with Lucida Laminates, you can easily amp up your space, adding a modern look. Imagine you enter the kitchen, which always looks the same, retaining the original gloss and newness. CenturyLaminates – Lucida  guarantees a sturdy, stylish and mirror-like finish - offering a premium outlook to your cooking space.  

When buying anything new, you look for a warranty. However, in the case of CenturyLaminates – Lucida , one investment will last you more than the warranty. The multi-featured laminates with Virokill technology continue with the same outlook even after years of building your kitchen.

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How Can CenturyLaminates – Lucida  Be A Revolutionary Solution For Busy Kitchens?

Best Uses of CenturyLaminates – Lucida  In Your Home


How Can CenturyLaminates – Lucida  Be A Revolutionary Solution For Busy Kitchens?

Not many understand that the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in the house. With continuous cooking, the furniture is subjected to extra heat, abrasion, stain and impact. Laminates are an easy option when investing in cabinets, table tops and storage spaces. However, people are often sceptical about using one because they fear the colour will wear off or the finish will get easily stained, unable to retain the newness for long. Proving everyone wrong and offering the right support is Lucida Laminate from CenturyPly. It revolutionises the kitchen space. Wondering how? For that, you will have to carry on with the reading task. ​​​​​​​

Safe From Germs

Hygiene and cleanliness are an essential part of one’s daily cooking habits. And CenturyLaminates – Lucida  adds to its ease with 99.99% Virokill technology. The laminate sheet helps retain the perfect cleanliness of a space - cabinets, dining table and other surfaces. Thus keeping you safe from food-borne diseases and infections. Now all you have to do is work on your cooking skills, and CenturyLaminates – Lucida  will take care of the rest.  

Safe From The Heat

Heat is an unavoidable aspect of one’s kitchen. The furniture within keeps on coming in contact with direct or indirect heat. And often, everyone seems to complain about how heat has ruined the newness of the furniture inside. But here comes a steady solution! The Lucida kitchen sheets are highly resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius according to the BIS norms. Isn’t that amazing?

Available In A Variety Of Colours & Patterns

Once you have decided to work with CenturyLaminates – Lucida , there are a variety of options available that you can select from. You can go for the textured ones with high gloss, a white base colour, a marble finish, and other decorative pieces. Consider buying from CenturyEshop to get a glimpse of the laminates and avail yourself of extra discounts. Also, you will access easy online payments and returns on damaged products here.

Daily Cleaning Will Not Affect The Newness Of the Laminates

CenturyLaminates – Lucida  are considered a prime contender that can revolutionise the kitchen game.  The laminates stand out with abrasion-resistant technology and guaranteed colour fastness. The finish of other laminates is found to get dull with time. That will not be the case when dealing with CenturyLaminates – Lucida  for the kitchen. This variant is resistant to Xenon arc light, which makes the colour last longer, even after daily use. Coming to the laminate’s Abrasion-resistant functionality, it will continue to retain its newness even after daily scuffing using detergents and cleaners. 

Resistant To External Wear & Tear

People sometimes cater to versatile job prospects requiring them to transfer from one city to another. While in transition, the furniture, at times, gets chipped off. But the incredible scuff-resistant feature of CenturyLaminates – Lucida  makes things easy. Reducing the chances of unnecessary wear and tear caused on the road. That way, a mindful investment will last you for a long time.

Best Uses Of CenturyLaminates – Lucida  In Your Home​​​​​​​

CenturyLaminates – Lucida  are known for their high gloss finish and exclusive resistance to heat, abrasion, stain and impact. Also, the particular laminate piece is within budget and on purchasing CenturyEshop, it will get delivered directly to your doorstep.

CenturyLaminates – Lucida  stands as the best solution for your multipurpose kitchen needs. You can also consider it to build a well-decorated space around the other corners of the hours. Here is how:

●​​​​​​​ Use it to build a bedside table. With all those nice patterns and seamless textures, you can easily utilise CenturyLaminates – Lucida  to curate the best-coordinated output for your bedroom.

●​​​​​​​ Also, like the kitchen, the dining table is subjected to heat, frequent stains, impacts and cleansers. Now, you can always trust CenturyLaminates – Lucida  as a quality choice.

●​​​​​​​ It also makes for a great selection in your living area and bathroom cabinets.


CenturyLaminates – Lucida is a product from CenturyLaminates that fulfils your multipurpose needs when setting up the interior, especially the kitchen of your dreams. So wait no more and drop by the website of CenturyLaminates to plan and select a pattern of your own. ​​​​​​​

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