Decorate your home with Lucida - designer kitchen cabinets
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Decorate your home with Lucida - designer kitchen cabinets

No matter how big or small your home is, your kitchen is the corner of your home that you visit at least once a day. The heart of every home resides in the kitchen and while we can’t magically fill your pantry with the tastiest snacks and beverages, we surely can give you another reason to smile as you enter your culinary corner.

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, be it the shelves, pantry, or cabinets, there is one product that is versatile enough to spruce up all your interior needs and that is Lucida Laminates from CenturyLaminates. With the mirror-like finish of Lucida Laminates, your interiors get the jaw dropping and show-stopping finish you have always dreamed of. No matter what your aesthetic preference be, with the gamut of options available you can take your kitchen interiors to the next level.

What are Lucida laminates?

Lucida laminates by CenturyLaminates are specially designed high gloss, low maintenance laminates. Curated for flawless opulent interiors, these laminates are stylish, sturdy, and possess a mirror-like finish giving it a premium look like no other. Lucida laminates offer high resistance against scuffs, stains, and abrasion thereby making them the perfect companion for all your interior decoration needs.

These laminates are not merely impressive at the face value but also shine the brightest when it comes to detail to quality and innovative technologies with which they are manufactured. Some of the key features of Lucida Laminates are as follows:

1. Virokill Technology -

Lucida laminates are enriched with the revolutionary Virokill technology that kills 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This is particularly helpful for maintaining the cleanliness of your utensils and edible items by keeping them hygienically sound and thereby allowing you to remain stress-free.

2. Heat Resistant -

Lucida laminates are heat resistant and can withstand a temperature of 180 degrees celsius as per BIS norms. Therefore, making them the perfect choice for your kitchen cabinets for they remain unharmed despite being in direct contact with heat.

3. Scuff resistant -

These laminates like all CenturyLaminates are scuff resistant and reduce scuffing during transit at job sites and during installations. Thereby, ensuring that your interiors remain as immaculate as new for a very long time.

4. Incredible colour fastness:

Lucida laminates possess incredible colour fastness. These laminates are resistant to Xenon arc light which makes their colour last longer and thereby ensuring that your kitchen cabinets remain vivid and bright.

5. Impact Resistant:

These laminates come with a special top layer along with the build that leads to better impact resistance thereby protecting the surface from falling objects or heavy objects. Lucida laminates are 100% safe to be used for kitchen cabinets and interiors for they are non-porous and non-toxic in nature.

6. Abrasion Resistant:

When tested, Lucida laminates show 90% gloss retention after being scrubbed with calibrase as per the procedure. Therefore, your kitchen cabinets will remain scintillating and show stopping for a very long time.

Lucida Laminates are available in an admirable range of a variety of solid colors and wood grains to choose from. So go on and spruce up your kitchen cabinets with Lucida and design the kitchen you have always yearned for. Learn more about these high-gloss laminates here:


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