How have panels evolved and made raw wood obsolete over the years?
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How have panels evolved and made raw wood obsolete over the years?

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The evolution of the Plywood board has increased in the real estate industry. CenturyPly
Plywood boards are used as a substitute against conventional raw wood boards to build your
home. The evolution of the Plywood is a fantastic way to give a strong foundation with a
personalised touch. These modern Plywood boards are gradually displacing traditional
building techniques regarding demand and appeal.

When a person renovates their home, their priority should be what kind of materials to utilise.
With ongoing trends, the most popular options for home renovation are Plywood boards.

Evolution of Plywood

Wood is popular among homeowners because it is dependable, accessible, and affordable.
But at the same time, there are a few typical issues with raw wood. They have debris and
relatively expensive maintenance costs, resulting in stress among the people. In contrast,
Plywood sheets can be easily used for both household and commercial projects. CenturyPly
provides its customers with high-quality goods and the finest plywood to assist you decorate
your dream house.

How Raw Wood Became Obsolete Due to Evolution of Plywood?

The following important factors should be taken into account when comparing the latest
technology-driven Plywood boards with the traditional raw wood:

Durable and Portable

CenturyPly Plywood board is a superior, robust, and incredibly long-lasting ornamental
material. They are simple to move, handle, and install on-site.

Plywood boards offer considerable ease for interior design since they may be used constantly
for decades without cracking or bending.

Fire, Water and Germ Resistant

Water resistance is one of the main issues with raw wood over an extended period. To
prevent warping, and cracking, the raw wood furniture must be regularly cleaned, sealed, or
painted. On the other hand, CenturyPly Plywood features cutting-edge technologies like
Firewall, Boiling water proof and ViroKill making it an excellent all-purpose material.

Thus, making Plywood a better option for installation in situations with high humidity levels
without deterioration.


Routine maintenance tasks like painting, colouring, etc to extend the life of the raw wood
furniture takes a lot of time and money. Comparatively speaking, Plywood board doesnt
require this much maintenance.

Bug Resistance

CentutyPly plywood is resistant to borer and termite proof because of the properties of the
components used to create them. Termites, bugs and other insects are unable to breed in


Generally, raw wood is more expensive than plywood. The type of raw wood used, the
quality of plywood chosen, and the local market conditions all affect the price.

In a nutshell

To meet the future building sector's needs, CenturyPly is always improving its products and
bringing in new technology. Thus, CenturyPly introduced new generation building materials.
Because they are so simple to maintain, install, Plywood boards are the evolution of the
Customers can use CenturyPly plywood boards in various applications, including doors, wall
panels, bathroom slabs, etc. Visit the CenturyPly EShop for doorstep delivery by clicking

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