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Know Your Plywood: BWP Grade Plywood

Wood is widely regarded as the epitome of class and elegance when it comes to interior décor and crafts. It not only provides a peaceful aura around the spaces, but also adds a touch of luxury to your dream home. But alas, as it goes, nothing in this whole wide world is perfect, and the same holds true for wood as well. Wood, for starters, is susceptible to rot and damage from water, while also being prone to termites and borers infestation. The timber industry was looking for an alternative to solid wood, and it got its much needed breakthrough when plywood boards came into existence.

Standard plywood boards are manufactured by gluing together thin layers of wood (called as ply) and then subjecting it to high pressure for the glue to settle. We are one of the leading manufacturers of plywood boards in India and are now synonymous with trust and quality. CenturyPly, since its inception in 1986, has been determined to maintain a consumer centric approach, and hence we ensure that only the best quality plywood boards are rolled out in the market. We realise that change is the only constant, and hence we have been innovating the standard plywood boards. Following a strict international quality standard, CenturyPly now offers different grades of plywood, which our consumers can pick as per their needs and budget.

One of our most popular grade, the BWP grade, has been well received by the customers. Not only the BWP grade plywood has taken over the major share of the market, but has also won over the trust of home owners. However there is still a lot of confusion about what BWP grade actually means. Taking a step forward in our journey to please our customers, here is a blog that will discuss the BWP plywood in detail, in hopes of clearing out the doubts around it.


BWP grade stands for boiling water proof grade which means the plywood boards with BWP mark are boiling water proof as par standard norms . They can withstand prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Century’s BWP Grade plywood is a premium quality product which is made even more exclusive because of the following features:

1. Uniform thickness with minimal core gaps

All our BWP grade boards are manufactured with a uniform thickness, to ensure maximum strength. Strict quality checks are also put in place to ensure that there are minimal core gaps in the boards as these gaps allow the glue to settle and perform better.

2.Reinforced Strength with improved SSR

All our BWP grade plywood boards are manufactured with Strength and Shape Retention (SSR) which denotes the higher load bearing capacity. This manufacturing reinforces the strength of our plywood.

3. Innovative Glue Line Protection making the plywood borer and termite proof

CenturyPly believes innovation is the key to success, which is why we have introduced the all new revolutionary Glue Line Protection technology that, makes it 100% borer and termite proof.

It is our constant effort to educate our customers about their favourite plywood brand so that they can make a much more educated decision when they head out to buy CenturyPly boards. This series of blogs is one step further to reach out to our customer base, across India and overseas. Follow this link through to make an enquiry today!

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