How about a furniture makeover for your home?
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How about a furniture makeover for your home?

Unlike the older times, when we used to spend most of the time out of our house, for office, partying with friends, hanging out and tripping, the pandemic made us all stay at home in order to stay safe. However necessary it is, you all will agree when I say that it becomes monotonous after a certain limit of time to see the same walls, same furniture and overall, the same decor over and over again.

 In fact, this situation makes it all the more important for us to change our surroundings by having a furniture makeover for our homes. 

Wait, do we need to scrap the whole wooden work for just a vibe change?

As much as it is a viable option, today we will be focusing more on how you can get a makeover for your furniture without actually changing your furniture. Today, we will be talking about decorative veneers that give a natural look to your living space without changing your whole furniture.

 Building further on the age-old legacy of Century Plyboards (India) Limited, CenturyVeneers is the top manufacturer of decorative veneers in India. The one and the most important objective of CenturyVeneers is to give your style statement the revamp it requires to re-establish you as a trendsetter among your friends, neighbours and relatives when it comes to interiors.

Can CenturyVeneers really do that?

CenturyVeneers offer award-winning products for our customers to reinstate the luxurious outlook of their homes.

Our wood veneers give a hue of nature to your living rooms that give you a sense of being in touch with nature. These wood veneers are of premium quality and thus gives a graceful finishing rather than a clumsy one. Also, when we say wood, we do not restrict ourselves to the basic few wood tones. CenturyVeneers offers you a wide range of textures and patterns to choose from. We do not want to bore you with a single wood tone, after all! So, go wild and create any combination of looks for your furniture with CenturyVeneers. 

Not only this, we might as well offer you the best ever interior wall cladding solution with CenturyVeneers. So don’t restrict your imagination to mere movable furniture. Let the walls have the transformation too!

Are veneers just the living room solution?

Talking technically about veneers, these are thinly sliced wood log layers that help you to decorate everything from your cabinets to wardrobes. This would mean that veneers have multiple applications.

Talking about the residential purposes specifically, veneers can help you in the makeover of almost every corner of your house. Precisely, the following areas see the use of veneers:

- Bedroom

- Kitchen

- Kids Room

- Dining

- Lounge

But why veneers over wood and laminates?

When we say that veneers are natural, we mean it in every sense. It is not that they only look like the original wooden shades but also, it wastes a lot less than the wood itself. It is purely ‘natural’ and in this sense, eco-friendly too.

Choose CenturyVeneers for a makeover for your furniture:



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