From Ignition to Extinction: How CenturyPly's Fire-Retardant Plywood Stops Fires in Their Tracks
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From Ignition to Extinction: How CenturyPly's Fire-Retardant Plywood Stops Fires in Their Tracks

Have you let your fear of fire incidents stop you from getting wooden furnishings? With the
fire-retardant technology of CenturyPly, you will not have any worries! CenturyPly
considered your concerns and created a unique firewall technology which provides the best-
in-class fire safety. The technology comes with engineered nano-particles, which have
various properties. 

These properties ensure your safety during any fire hazard and also stop fires. But before that,
it gives you time to act, save your life and others, call for any first responders, and save your

Table of Contents

How Does Fire-Retardant Plywood Stop Fires?

If you remove the source of the fire, then the firewall technology plywood will put out the
fire by itself. In that way, you can return to using your furniture like before if it has not been

through much damage. It is even better as the plywood will not release harmful smoke or
toxic gases while the fire catches. 

What are the Properties of the Fire-Retardant Technology?

Some of the many amazing properties of fire-retardant technology include the following: 

● Delay in the Spread of Fire

One of the best aspects of firewall technology is that it will delay the spread of the fire. If the
fire is delayed, then you get enough time to put it out yourself and evacuate others. Moreover,
if you cannot put out the fire, you have enough time to save your belongings and valuables. 

It is why if you install plywood, it is always better to purchase fire-retardant plywood from
CenturyPly. You can also use it in your office or if you run a restaurant. There is a higher
chance of a fire in a restaurant. In that case, the plywood will be most helpful in minimising
the damage. 

● Reduction in Chances of Fire

A fire incident does not occur with a prior warning; it surprises you. So, it is always better to
be prepared before and use materials that will decrease the chances of a fire beforehand. In
this case, the firewall technology is made with particles with low flammability. 
The firewall technology plywood sheets are made with advanced technology and innovative
approach, which makes it much more trustworthy to keep your family safe during an

● No Toxic Gases for Suffocation

It will be bad enough to have a fire incident; it becomes much worse if it generates a lot of
smoke and you start feeling suffocated. With the advancements in firewall technology, you
won’t have to worry about releasing much smoke or toxic gas, which may suffocate you and
your family. Instead, since there is barely any smoke, you can evacuate people much more
easily and quickly. 

Is the Fire-Retardant Technology Certified?

Some of the most reputable certification sources guarantee and verify the firewall technology.
These certifications include the following:
● National Test House Report
● Spectro Analytical Labs Limited

The certifications ensure that the technology exists even though you might not be able to see
it. The firewall technology is imbued in the plywood and is effective whenever needed. You
can trust the technology and the guarantee of CenturyPly when it claims to provide a
preventive measure for saving yourself and others during any fire incident. 

Even better, you are not required to pay any additional costs for the technology. It comes as a
feature of CenturyPly plywood, and you won’t have to pay anything for it. You are only
liable to pay the cost of the plywood. 

Are there Any Other Features Apart from Firewall Technology?

CenturyPly plywood comes with many other features, including firewall technology. The
other features include borer and termite proof, waterproof, weather-resistant, warranty,
longevity, etc. CenturyPly plywood is waterproof, which contributes towards the inherent
strength of the plywood. Its ability to be waterproof also influences the benefit of weather

No matter what, the plywood will be unaffected by water, humidity, moisture, and anything
else that may harm it. It becomes crucial also to save your plywood from mites. In that case,
the chemical infused with the plywood will save the plywood from borers and termites for
many years. 

Overall, every feature and benefit of CenturyPly plywood ensures its longevity and durability
over a long time. 

In a Nutshell

CenturyPly has created many revolutionary innovations, among which comes firewall
technology. However, it is not the only innovation. It also gives you the virokill technology,
which saves you and your children from any viruses on the furniture's surface. With
CenturyPly plywood, you get the guarantee of its efficiency and will comfortably be able to
use it in your furniture for years.

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