Burning Questions About Fire-Retardant Plywood? CenturyPly Has the Answers
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Burning Questions About Fire-Retardant Plywood? CenturyPly Has the Answers

When buying plywood for spaces which are constantly expected to be inhabited by people,
one of the most important properties a person should look for in their plywood is if it is fire
retardant. Remember, when taking great measures to ensure the plywood is perfect for your
needs, you should also ensure how helpful the plywood will be in case of a fire event.

Putting the safety of the family and the inhabitants comes first. CenturyPly prioritises your
protection by introducing affordable plywood that is fire-retardant. The plywood gets its fire-
retardant features through innovative Firewall Technology.

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What is Firewall Technology?

In an unfortunate case when a fire breaks out, any ordinary plywood would act as fuel for the
fire, spreading it faster and ultimately putting the residents of the house in danger.

CenturyPly plywood that is developed using Firewall Technology becomes fire retardant. In case of a fire incident, the plywood:

● Slows down the spread of the fire by not burning quickly.
● Emits less smoke to protect the residents from suffocation.
● Self extinguishes after the fire’s source is removed.

When the plywood itself limits the spread of the fire, the inhabitants get crucial time to leave
the premises to safety and call for help. CenturyPly Plywood with Firewall Technology is the
best fire-fighting plywood in India.

To answer all burning doubts about the technology, here are some commonly asked questions

1. How can I benefit from Firewall Technology?

A fire is devastating - emotionally, physically and mentally. Always buy fire-retardant plywood to ensure the damage caused by the fire is limited. The Firewall Technology is especially useful in plywood applied on furniture or in areas such as the kitchen where the chances of an accidental fire breaking out are the most. When a fire breaks out, you will get the time to save yourself and the other residents when the plywood slows down the spread of the fire. The chances of asphyxiation are significantly reduced when less smoke is emitted. The plywood will also extinguish the fire after the source is removed.

2. Has the Firewall Technology been tested?

Yes, the Firewall Technology has been tested. The two plywood models - 19mm thick
Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood enriched with Firewall technology have been tested
under standard test conditions. The results show they perform better than the benchmarks
specified by Indian Standards IS 5509, British standards BS 476 and American standards
ASTM E84. These tests were conducted on critical parameters such as flammability,
spreadability, smoke-developed index and penetration.

3. How much does the Firewall Technology cost?

The Firewall Technology has been applied to CenturyPly plywood at absolutely no extra cost.
Architect Ply and Club Prime plywood do not charge any extra cost to become fire retardant;
the technology is instilled in them as they are being developed.

CenturyPly Plywood with Firewall Technology

If you want to safeguard your family's safety, you should buy Architect Ply and Club Prime
plywood since they have Firewall Technology. Additionally, these plywood also have other
important features for the family's overall protection.

Architect Ply

Architect Ply is one of the best plywoods offered by CenturyPly. It comes with a lifetime
warranty and an additional 4 times money-back promise. The plywood sheets are extremely
uniform, with little to no thickness variation. The sheets are core composed, which means
there are no gaps or overlaps. That gives the plywood long-lasting durability and longevity
guaranteed to last decades. Some main features of the Architect Ply are:

● Virokill Technology

The revolutionary Virokill Technology helps you keep your family safe from 99.9% bacteria
and viruses. The specially designed nanoparticles in the plywood rupture upon coming in
contact with viruses, thereby successfully killing them. It helps keep the surface of the
plywood stay hygienic and safe to touch. The Virokill Technology makes the plywood anti-
microbial, anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

● Firewall Technology

The Architect Ply contains Firewall Technology, making it extremely important to use inside
high-traffic residential, commercial, and office areas to protect the inhabitants.

● Borer & Termite Proof

The plywood is 100% borer and termite proof, unlike regular plywood that can easily fall
prey to such pests and lose its integrity, ultimately deteriorating and getting damaged from
the inside.

● Boiling WaterProof

Architect Ply is a Boiling WaterProof (BWP) grade plywood. BWP-grade plywood can
withstand continuous exposure to high temperatures, extreme weather conditions, and
moisture or water for long periods of time. It makes Architect Ply a great plywood that can be
applied in bathrooms or kitchens, which constantly deal with water. These plywood do not
swell, warp, crack, bend or damage upon exposure and maintain their shape, strength and

Club Prime

Club Prime is an affordable yet premium plywood option with the same features as Architect
Ply. It has a 30-year warranty, is BWP graded, uses the Virokill Technology and Firewall
Technology, and retains its shape without bending, cracking or swelling for decades. Some of
its other features are:

● Glue Line Protection (GLP): Each layer of the plywood is treated to be 100% borer
& termite Proof
● Core Composed: The plywood sheets have superior strength since each plywood is
gapless without any overlaps.
● Anti-Fungal: The Virokill Technology gives the plywood special anti-bacterial, anti-
microbial, antifungal and antiviral properties.


Fire retardancy is an extremely important quality in any plywood since it contains the spread
of fire. Always opt for fire-retardant plywood for your home, especially in the kitchen and for
furniture. The Firewall Technology has been tested vigorously to ensure it turns the plywood
fire-retardant and is added to the plywood at no extra cost. To guarantee the safety of your
home, choose plywood with Firewall Technology.

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