Everything You Need to Know About Sunmica Sheets
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Everything You Need to Know About Sunmica Sheets

You may have heard the term 'Sunmica' several times while shopping for furniture or flooring for your home. If not, you've probably heard the term "laminate" several times.

Yes, the last layer that we've been applying to our furniture for decades!

What exactly are Sunmica Sheets?

Sunmica sheets also known as ‘laminates’ are decorative laminate layers that are applied to wooden surfaces to improve their appearance. These are available in 1mm thickness.

Sunmica sheets, which are primarily composed of plastic and paper resin, are commonly used in home décor and remodeling. Sunmica is popular as a laminate because of its dependability, durability, low cost, and variety of features. Sunmica wood design can be used in a variety of applications such as furniture, wall panels, and tables. It also costs less than natural wood, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Where to use Sunmica Sheets?

Sunmica can be found in almost every room of the house, in furniture, wall panels, tabletops & ceilings. It's also less expensive than real wood, so it's a popular choice among homeowners.

Laminates are hard, brittle sheets that produce good results. Product designers favor laminate finishes for kitchen and bathroom cabinets because they are both durable and decorative.

Sunmica can be applied to any surface as long as the surface is smooth enough for the glue to adhere to. Sunmica also comes in a variety that is even easier to apply. They already have glue on them; all you have to do is peel and stick them to any smooth desired surface, such as wood, plastic, metal, glass, doors, and windows.

Where to find the best Sunmica Sheets?

CenturyLaminates is India's leading decorative laminate manufacturer and seller. For years, the country has relied on this name to provide only the best laminates. We provide the best laminates in India, expertly crafted with a one-of-a-kind technology in which special resins impart extra strength to our laminates, making them highly resistant to scratch and abrasion.

CenturyLaminates' exotic range of laminates design is distinguished by higher color fastness and the best bonding properties with substrates currently available on the market.

Properties of CenturyPly Sunmica Sheets

1. Laminates with antiviral and antibacterial properties

CenturyLaminates is India's only laminate manufacturer that provides antiviral and antibacterial surface solutions. They are made with the most recent and revolutionary ViroKill Technology and kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungus, and viruses.

2. Laminates that are boiling water resistance

CenturyLaminates were the first to introduce BWR laminates in India. The term BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistance. These laminates are the best laminates in India because they are highly resistant to water and moisture and do not swell or warp.

3. Laminates that are resistant to borers and termites

All CenturyLaminates are made with special adhesives and additives that make them resistant to borer and termites, ensuring long-term durability. With these decorative laminates, we can improve the safety and hygiene of our interiors.

4. Laminates are resistant to Stains and scuffs

These high-gloss laminates from the 20th century are ideal for kitchens because they are less likely to scratch while being transported to job sites and installed. By doing this, you can make sure that your interiors don't distort and stay spotless for a very long time. Also, these laminates are highly easy to clean and maintain once they are installed in your homes. 

5. Laminates that have Color fastness

Color fastness is provided by CenturyLaminates' unique Overlay Tissue Layer. CenturyLaminates for kitchen possess incredible colour fastness. These laminates are resistant to Xenon arc light which makes their colour last longer causing them to remain unaffected by wear and tear especially Lucida Laminates. 

6. Laminates are naturally Durable

Making it easier for carpenters to work with them. Laminates are hard, brittle sheets that produce good results. Product designers favour laminate finishes for kitchen and bathroom cabinets because they are both durable and decorative.

7. Laminates that are Precise and Consistent

The quality of CenturyPly Sunmica sheets are achieved by using imported plates to achieve the highest level of finish in the product. They do it by sanding the back of the laminate uniformly to ensure the best adhesion to the substrate.

8. Laminates that are easily accessible

Distribution and retailer network that is best in class. Architects, interior designers, and homeowners frequently use Sunmica sheets, therefore they are always accessible at the Century E-shop.

9. Laminates that have a great warranty

Sunmica Sheets at CenturyPly come with a 7-year warranty.

Advantages of using Sunmica Sheets

1. Resilience

Laminates are built to endure. They are more resistant to water and wear and tear than other surfacing materials. They are suitable for use in humid environments. 

2. Pre-finished

You don't have to concern about completing details with laminate, unlike paint or tile, which must be finished after application. They are simple to install, saving you both time and money on labour. All you have to do is choose a laminate design that complements the style of your home.

3. Natural Allure

An engineered material with a natural appearance and feel is laminate. Its key qualities, such as sturdiness and moisture resistance, set it apart from other surfacing materials like wood, which are more likely to warp and be scratched. While being protected from the drawbacks of every other surfacing material, you get the appearance of a natural surface.

4. Easy to Maintain

One of the main factors contributing to laminate's popularity is that it requires little maintenance and repels stains. Without being concerned about scuffs, stains, or following a more rigorous maintenance schedule, you just need to wipe the laminate surface for dust once in a while.

5. Suitability for Hundreds of Uses

There is no shortage of things you can do with various laminate designs, from commercial to residential applications. The material is offered in a vast array of hues, patterns, grains, and textures, so there is something to suit each individual need, decor, theme, or fashion. The material is a great option for the majority of surfacing requirements because of properties like water - resistant,  low maintenance, and weather resistance.


You can use sunmica sheets in several of your home's furniture to make all of the decor in a given space look the same and have a different appeal. Not only does using sunmica sheets on decor improve its longevity and durability, but it also lasts a long time. Sunmica requires little maintenance and has some amazing properties, perfect for your lovely home. 

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