Accompany a gorgeous view with the strength of SAINIK Doors
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Accompany a gorgeous view with the strength of SAINIK Doors

Table of contents:

➔ Introduction

➔ Why wooden doors?

        ◆ Every wooden door is unique

        ◆ Many different looks

        ◆ Any size or shape

➔ Merits of Century Sainik Doors

➔ Conclusion


No one can resist the allure of a sophisticated-looking wooden door, whether it leads to the entrance of a home or a room. Wooden doors are timeless, having a charm of their own, and if they are strong and durable, that is the cherry on top. They radiate elegance and impart a vintage vibe compatible with almost all kinds of interior designs. Because the choices are endless, looking for new doors for your home and office spaces can be a bit overwhelming. Let us help you with some inspiration. Please read on!

Why wooden doors?

Many factors contribute to the decision when looking for the perfect door for your space. One of the first usually is whether you should choose a wood, steel, or fibreglass door. Why is wood the best choice for your door? Below are a few reasons why you wouldn’t want to choose anything other than a classic Century Sainik Wood door for your space.

Every wooden door is unique-

These days personalisation throughout the home has become a trend, and homeowners want to impart a touch of their personal taste to the home so that it reflects their personality. Every wooden door is unique in its way, and so are the Sainik Wood Doors from the House of CenturyPly.

Many different looks-

Whether you want your door to be the focal point of the space or you want it to compliment your design, the styles and looks that wood doors can help you achieve are virtually endless.

Any size or shape-

A wooden door allows you the freedom to go for any size or shape. Whether it is a quirky size you want to fit a remodelling project or you are thinking of going really big for that impactful front door look, you can get it all customised. There are virtually no limitations within wooden doors, and this feature is something you won’t be able to find with doors made of other materials.

Merits of Century Sainik Doors

1. They are strong-

Century Sainik doors are built from the highest quality wood, so they can withstand shocks such as the banging of doors by strong winds and extreme weather conditions. Our doors have been passed through several tests, including slamming test, misuse test, screw withdrawal resistance test, and knife test, with no visible permanent damage.

2. They are durable-

Our doors have a great lifespan, lasting years and sparing you the expenses of door damage and repair after every few years. Apart from being termite and borer resistant, they are climate-stable and, therefore, are practically maintenance-free.

3. They complement your decor-

Sainik doors can be covered with a layer of High-Pressure Laminate Sheets or Decorative Venners that impart a beautiful finish and upgrade the overall look of your home. 


After you decide the colour and style of the wooden door you want for your home, there is no need to waste your time. Visit the CenturyPly EShop right away and choose a beautiful and sturdy door for your home. If you need any assistance regarding the same, you can contact our customer service. Click the link for fast and easy doorstep deliveries.

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