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Doors that enhance your interiors

Do you dream about the perfect interiors and wonder what your next home improvement project could incorporate? Have you considered giving your interior doors a new look?

Well, doors are an integral part of interiors, from rooms to wardrobes and even shelves, doors are everywhere. We never realise but we use doors more than any other product in our day to day life. Thus, don't you think they deserve a lot more attention?

But wait a second, before selecting those aesthetic french doors, royal english doors you must remember that “all that glitters is not gold” and thus apart from the aesthetics, factors such as the durability and strength should also be kept in mind while choosing the best doors for your needs.

Don’t worry we at CenturyDoors have got you covered, with our urge to always innovate we have successfully come up with a variety of products that are made by following not just Indian standards but also international standards.

Here are a few types of doors from CenturyDoors that can enhance your interiors while keeping them intact for a long period of time:

1. Flush doors

These are doors with flat and plain surfaces without any panels or decoratives. These are simple looking and thus have a high demand.

CenturyDoors offers three categories of flush doors, i.e.,

     Club Prime Doors - These are boiling waterproof doors of the highest quality that act as excellent insulators against dust, heat and noise, they are made from the finest quality timber for high resistance and quality. These flush doors are extremely durable and come with our patented Glue Line Internal Protection.

     Bond Doors - These are boiling waterproof doors that offer you the perfect balance between price and quality, they are made from specially selected, chemically treated timber.

     SAINIK Doors - These are boiling waterproof doors that do not cost you a fortune. They are eco-friendly doors and they can withstand changing climatic conditions, their slam-proof and swell-proof properties makes them a great choice for your basic needs.   

2. Paneled doors

Unlike flush doors, panel doors have more appeal and are divided into different panels giving them more details.

CenturyDoors offer a variety of paneled doors including:

     Melamine Door Skin -  Ready-to-use panel moulded doors that are available in 2 panel, 3 panel oval and 4 panel options and 3 different shades of wood i.e., Teak, Sapeli and Straight Grain Wenge.

     Metallic Door Skin - Ready-to-use doors that are the perfect amalgamation of luxury and superior practicality, along with chemically infused glue lining these doors are also termite and borer resistant.

     Plain Door Skin - Ready-to-use doors with great aesthetic appeal. These interior doors are borer & termite resistant making it a practical choice for your home.

     White Primered Skin - These are simple yet stylish doors, are ready-to-use and are also borer and termite resistant.

3. Decorative doors

These are doors that can give your space a more luxurious look. They comprise of laminates, veneers to give your home the best that it needs!

CenturyDoors offers three categories of decorative doors, i.e.,

     Century Laminated Doors - Ready-to-use doors that have been designed with the latest international trends. These are available in a wide range of shades and  are even borer & termite resistant.

     Century Veneered Doors - These are beautifully strong doors, designed with the best in class CenturyVeneers, offering you a premium style and along with high durability. These doors were built to last and are effectively climate stable, high impact resistant, warp-resistant.

     SAINIK Laminated Doors - These are borer and termite resistant doors, that fits your budget perfectly. These doors are covered with High Pressure Laminates, giving them the beautiful finish that complements the strength of SAINIK.



CenturyDoors with the best technology and the aesthetics of international standards are the right choice for all your door needs.

That's not it!

All the CenturyDoors come with a minimum of 5 Year Warranty.

You can learn more about CenturyDoors at


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