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Make your bathroom water repellent

When you visit a friend or relative’s place, especially for the first time, almost all spaces seem worth exploring except the bathroom. The living room usually sparks a conversation about the high ceilings or any unique items on display. The stove, dishwasher and the costly crockery are the talked about amenities in the kitchen, whereas the bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom. The only way a bathroom is shown off is if it was just remodelled, otherwise a bathroom is a place that you visit but do not really talk about. 

At most times, people overlook the importance of a bathroom at home when it is undoubtedly a very important place in the house. How? You ask? Read ahead!

1. A bathroom is a place where you start and finish your day. You wake up, use the toilet, wash your hands, take a shower, brush your teeth and even style your hair. This is a place where you perform the most significant tasks of the day.

2. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. Do you have candles, artwork on display or only the bare essentials lay in the corner? This is a place that you can really bring to life with customizing and taking no decor shortcuts. You can tie off the look and feel your home with the styling of your bathroom.

3. Some people even feel that it is the place where inspiration strikes. Simply put, you might get some of the best ideas in the shower as this is a space to be free. It’s a place where nobody is watching you whether you dance or sing.

4. It’s a good place to decompress, which means that if you had a bad day by any chance and want to really disconnect from the world for a little while then there may be no better way than taking a long shower bath. 

Now when you can see the importance this place holds, it is better to treat it the right way. It will be a better idea to safeguard this place with the best of the products especially because it is an area that is exposed to water! The best way to do it is to get your bathroom the right plywood that would combat this issue by repelling water.

If you're confused and don’t know how you can protect your bathroom then we’ve got your back! The house of CenturyPly has come up with the most affordable and innovative plywood in the market i.e. Sainik 710 is completely waterproof and durable in nature. 

This Asli Waterproof plywood is made under high heat and pressure and comes to you after stringent boiling waterproof tests for straight seventy hours so that you never have to be worried about how to keep furniture of your bathroom absolutely waterproof. An interesting thing about this unique plywood is also that it is available in the market just at the price of Rs 102 per square foot which makes it the most affordable plywood present.

Want to know more about this Asli waterproof plywood. Check it out today:

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