Customising Your Kitchen Cabinets with Decorative Laminates
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Customising Your Kitchen Cabinets with Decorative Laminates

Do you want to embellish the kitchen area in your home? Instead of worrying about the variety of products and looking for the alternatives required for each of the products, there is only one material you will have to attend to, and that is decorative laminates. With A lot of shades, textures, designs, and finishes to choose from, decorative laminates are your best match to take your kitchen decor one step higher. If you are struggling to come up with creative kitchen laminate decorations to make your kitchen the foremost attention spot for the rest of your house, we have you covered!

Table of Contents:

How do Decorative Laminates Improve Your Home?

10 Different Designs to Try with Decorative Laminates


How do Decorative Laminates Improve Your Home?

Decorative laminates are not just protective treatments; they are a doorway to pour creativity and individuality into your living space. Here's how they can enhance different areas of your home:

Revamp Your Kitchen Countertops with the Right Kind of CenturyLaminates: The kitchen that becomes a hub of the house needs materials that can withstand intensive use over some time while being pleasing to look at. The apt solution for this problem is CenturyLaminates, a unique decorative material known for its imperviousness and resistance to scuffs and stains. When you have the choice of thousands of patterns, colours, and textures, it will be easier to create lasting looks for your kitchen cabinets that are both functional and beautiful.

Create Unique Tables: Impress your guests from the time they step into your glittering living room. They will be in awe of the mesmerising tables with fancy decorative laminates. Feel free to experiment with different surfaces, such as textures and patterns, as these tables can be the centre of attention in your room, bringing forward the character and individuality of your space.

Be Creative with your Storeroom: Decorative laminates can give even the least noticeable areas, like the storeroom/pantry, personality and beauty. Add creativity to this frequently overlooked place by using solid-coloured laminate sheets in simple but stylishly sophisticated designs, giving your space the desired look.

Make a New Look with Your Cabinets: Cabinets are storage areas that contribute to your kitchen's visual appeal. When you use CenturyLaminates for your cabinet refacing, you transform the look of your cabinets to make them a part of your existing decor. Whether you choose the more refined high-gloss finish or a matte texture, the variety of options helps you find the one that best suits your ideas.

Different Designs to Try with Decorative Laminates

If you're looking to breathe new life into your kitchen and make it the highlight of your home, here are ten innovative decorative kitchen laminate designs to inspire you:

1. Monochrome Madness

For those who adore chic and elegant aesthetics, monotonous and sophisticated colour shades are just perfect. The look's colour palette is largely reminiscent of monochromatic aesthetics. Select decorative laminates of white-grey shades in case you are keen on a simple-contemporary style for your kitchen. Coupled with the recessed lighting system, such minimalism will turn your kitchen into something that you can't help admiring.

2. Pastel Perfection

Go for the pastel laminates, which are soft and airy, to create a relaxed environment in your kitchen and make it look fresh. In this case, picking colours like coral, lilac, and teal, taking into consideration their combination with white or beige, will help you achieve a peaceful ambience.

3. Yin and Yang

Use contrasting hues to create a modern, chic kitchen. Classic black-and-white laminates provide a touch of elegance, and bright-coloured laminates make a bold statement.

4. Wooden Wonder

Use high-quality, woodgrain-textured laminates in your kitchen to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Paired with metallic accessories, they have a classic look that appeals to people due to their grace and beauty.

5. Gorgeous Gloss

Use high-gloss laminates to give your kitchen a hint of glamour. Their mirror-like appearance makes them look gorgeous when light reflects on them and provides a rich look.

6. Modern Geometric Pattern

Make the room more modern by using laminates with strong geometric patterns instead of the usual plain surfaces. Tight outlines and combinations of bright and dark shades may serve as an interesting detail in your room.

7. Rustic Wood Texture

Recreate the appearance of wood using laminates with a rustic textured finish. Go for this tabletop if you want your kitchen to have a warm, country-style feel, yet it is very durable.

8. Graphic Tile Pattern

Create the look of graphic tiles with laminates that come with eye-catching patterns. From a feature wall to a splash-back, graphic tile laminates will provide you with a flash-modern look for your kitchen.

9. Marble Finish

Bring new sophistication to the presentation of your kitchen by using laminates that mimic the glamorous look of the marble. Highly refined and effortlessly easy to maintain, marble-looking laminates are the go-to option if you want to create a sense of luxury.

10. Tropical Print

Bringing about a cheerful mood into your kitchen is easy with laminates with tropical prints. From palm leaves to fruity motifs, tropical laminates can provide a lively and eye-catching look for your interior.


Decorative laminates are the foundation of innovative designs in home decoration, which provide endless possibilities to get your dream home. From refurbishing your cabinets to making attractive tables or trying out amazing design features, CenturyLaminates will have you experiencing a new level of ease during a home remodelling. In fact, these decorative laminates are durable, versatile, and visually appealing, which can make our home the best style worthy and an unforgettable experience for the people who enter it.

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