Only choose plywood that is 100% original
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Only choose plywood that is 100% original

Plywood, the pioneer of building materials, is an essential in construction and housing needs. It comes in different specifications, styles and strength that makes the perfect option to customize to your needs. You will find plywood in every corner of the house from window frames to furniture and in every kind of space be it residential, educational, public or commercial. With multiple uses and benefits, plywood is a product that finds a huge demand in the market.

There are multiple plywood manufacturers and here’s why Centuryply is your best bet. We make products that cater to customer satisfaction and design technologies that make plywood an essential part of your home. Our plywood is engineered to withstand any kind of threat posed by external factors like weather, moisture, water, heat and fire. Our plywood is resistant to high impact and borers and termites too. With our indigenously developed technologies like Firewall and Virokill, one can rely on their furniture for safety and protection. Quality at it’s finest, Centuryply’s products are catered to fit your construction needs to remodelling ideas all alike.

What’s the difference between good quality plywood and fake products?

Good quality plywood provides ultimate protection and strength and is also waterproof and firefighting. They are also safe, non-toxic and can help lead healthier lives. On the other hand fake products are generally bad quality plywood that is made of weaker materials that can easily disintegrate and do not last long. It does not provide protection against water or fire and can be the first thing that is ruined in case of a mishap. Fake products also pose a threat to health by becoming a breeding ground for diseases and bacteria. Cleaning chemicals can easily disintegrate the structure and these products are a total loss of money. Fake products cause more damage than good. 

How does one land fake products?

With a high demand for plywood, the supply increases opening a gateway for bad quality products to slip in. They are sometimes sold under promising names to trick consumers. For someone who does not deal with wood on a regular basis, it can be hard to tell them apart.

How can I beat the odds of buying counterfeit products?

A few phony items are sold under the name of Centuryply. To keep our promise of our good quality products we exceed all expectations. We have come up with the CenturyPromise application to assist you with checking the originality of the items you've bought. Every one of our items accompany a QR code on it that can be looked at over the application that affirms the credibility of your purchase.

- CenturyPromise App is a mobile application you can download on your cell phones or tablets and can utilize at whatever point. It can be found on the playstore/app store and can be handily downloaded onto your gadget.

- It is a simple to use application. When you download it, you login with your credentials or first time clients can set up a new account.

- You will find a scanner on the application which assists you with distinguishing genuine items from the counterfeits.You can either scan the QR code through the scanner or physically enter the QR code onto the application. Assuming that your item is original, it will be displayed on the screen.

With a simple software application, anybody can confirm the validity of their purchase.

The application likewise records particulars of each item and can assist you with downloading and storing an e-warranty card for future reference. Centuryply is committed to providing customers with genuine quality products and services and the app is one step ahead to stay on this promise.

Read more about the CenturyPromise app here:

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