CenturyPromise - a difference between Plywood and Lie!-wood
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CenturyPromise - a difference between Plywood and Lie!-wood

Plywood is used in multiple ways across multiple spaces. From commercial spaces to educational institutions and homes, it is found everywhere. Doors, windows, wardrobes, wall coverings, floorings, furniture and what not. The utility of plywood has made it possible to blend it into any article we use and the durability of it promises better usage than other materials. Given the functionality of plywood, it is now used on a large scale across multiple spaces and the demand for it keeps increasing. A higher demand means the producers increase and flock to the market to sell their products. But the catch is that not everyone cares about selling genuine quality products.

In today’s design trends, people are maxing out on beautiful homes and offices but also consider the factor of functionality. Plywood, meeting all these decor expectations is increasingly popular in construction, architecture and interior design alike. Plywood comes in different specifications and can be customised as per one’s usage. To meet all your housing needs with genuine products, Centuryply is the right option.

Centuryply is India’s leading manufacturer of plywood. We make products and provide services that make our customers’ lives better. With the same intention we design multiple technologies like Virokill, Firewall and make our products resistant to high impact, changing weather conditions, heat, moisture, water and fire. Our products are engineered to last longer and provide better. With the increasing demand for these products, counterfeits are making rounds in the market and to beat the odds of buying a fake product, we have designed our CenturyPromise App.

What Is CenturyPromise?

The CenturyPromise is our vow to deliver our consumers with the best quality products. To keep up this promise, we have designed the CenturyPromise App that equips our customers with the ability to differentiate between fake and real products.

How Does An App Help Me?

For the ones buying plywood for the first time or the ones buying it in a bulk quantity, it is not easy to tell genuine products from fake. During these times, the CenturyPromise app is an easy software one can use from their phones or tablets. It is a simple software that is designed to help you identify real products. All CenturyPly products come with a unique QR code that enlists the specifications of the product. This QR code can be scanned through the CenturyPromise app which tells you whether your products are original or counterfeit.

How Easy Is It To Use?

The application is super simple and convenient for everyone to use. Once you download it on your device, you will have to login or create an account.

In a single step process, you will find a scanner option on the application through which you can scan the QR code on your purchase. Even if you are unable to follow this step, you can manually enter the number onto the app. This yields the result and tells you if the product is original or not.

 What Else Can I Use The App for?

Not only does the application verify the originality of your products but also shows you product specifications and stores information on your purchases. You can download an e-warranty card through the app for future reference too. The app also tells you about upcoming promotions and offers.

The number of counterfeits being sold can easily confuse the consumers. With a promise of ‘Raho Befikar’, Centuryply takes the next step to ensure customer satisfaction. With just downloading a simple mobile application, one can stay ahead of the fake products. Choose Centuryply today and beat the odds of purchasing Lie!-wood.

Read more about the CenturyPromise here: https://www.centuryply.com/centurypromise


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