20+ Modern and Trendy Door Designs with Pictures in 2022
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20+ Modern and Trendy Door Designs with Pictures in 2022

Can you imagine living in a house without doors? No way! No matter how big or small homes are, a well-designed door is essential to finish the structure. It serves as a doorway into and out of the house, as well as a defender to keep unwanted visitors out. Purely closing the door allows you to disconnect from the outside world and enter your private zone.

Despite being one of the major elements of a home, doors are frequently overlooked and neglected. Many people make the usual mistake of having to install arbitrary wooden slabs as doors, putting their safety at risk. In this article, we will assist you in comprehending the various types of doors available in the market, their functions, and how to choose the right door.

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Here are 20+ Modern and trendy door designs in 2022 that you need to have at your place -

1. The Horizontal Beige Entrance Door

The Horizontal Beige Entrance door design with exotic hardwood is a classy yet inviting way to add style to your home. It is a luxurious addition to your home that can create a feeling of opulence and elegance.

2. A Solid Blue Bedroom Door

The Solid Blue Bedroom door design with exotic hardwood delivers the classic look of a modern world luxury home and can be paired with any of our other doors for an elegant look throughout your home.

3. Aquamarine Beauty

Revitalize your home with this exotic seagreen hardwood door design. Weathered with a coastal and aquamarine tone, this door will be a focal point in any space.

4. Grey and Elegant

Perfect for any entranceway, the clean lines of these grey door designs will bring sophistication to your home. The perfect finishing touch to create an elegant, welcoming space.

5. Stylish in White

Just because they’re white door designs doesn't mean they can’t be stylish and serene at the same time. Keep it fresh with a soft, neutral tone door that matches your décor perfectly.

6. Sophisticated and Seamless Entryway

The door design that opens to your home is just as important as the home itself. A sophisticated, seamless fit with details that underscore the luxury of space.

7. Call it Elegant in Style

It's easy to let the world pass you by in a crowd, but it's harder to find the courage to stand out when you do. That’s where this grandeur and luxurious white door design comes into the picture. Adding perfectly to the sofa cushions and the fireplace with the vintage feel. 

8. The Perfect Backdrop

Create the perfect backdrop for your home with our grey entrance door with showcases. A glam store front with a modern white front door and showcases with greenery on the side. Delightful!

9. Wood it up!

The wooden entrance door with showcases on the side for your house, becomes a perfect combination with the solid wood floor and natural earthy tones. The perfect balance between modern and classic, this wooden door is subtle and timeless.

10. Timeless and Chic Door

Doors with blue walls, and white abstract art, elegant mahogany panels and a bright white trim. Experience the exclusive elegance of a unique collection of doors from Century Ply. From timeless classic lines to modern, stylish designs, you'll find it all in the finesse for your home.

11. White Glamourous Door

Are you looking for a customized white door? Look no further. Our stylish and sophisticated whtie doors are made out of solid wood and come in a variety of finishes. The most beautiful rooms are the ones that have white walls, plants, and books.

12. White and Wood Door

This room is a perfect example of how to take your living room to the next level. Black floors, white shelves and wooden doors are the perfect finishing touch to create a eating space that feels clean, crisp and elegant.

13. Rustic Charm Entryway

In the right light, those wooden doors look like they're hiding something good. A classic blend of white and natural materials, classic shapes and textures. With a touch of color and a few plants, you can create a space that feels like home. 

14. White and Bright Entry

A little space for yourself. A place to study, read and relax. The right study room should feel like a library or a gallery. You can study and work in complete silence, but also with music playing on your speakers. A study room doesn't have to be austere or boring. With a touch of color and a few plants, you can create a space that feels like home in the library. 

15. Baby Blue Entrance

A serene and spacious home is the ultimate symbol of success - it promises a space to hide away from the world. The perfect setting for studying and contemplation. A natural retreat for peace of mind.

16. Living the Charm

The living room is a place of inspiration and creativity. It's where we find answers, but also where we find peace. Add some elegant charm to your wooden room with these new wooden doors, cozy sofa and abstract art. 

17. The Feel of luxury

This room has a wooden floor, wooden doors and abstract wooden bookshelves filled with elegant art volumes. For those who like the shades of wood and the feeling of luxury.

18. Brighten up door

It's time to brighten your home with this cute door design. Turn your space into a delightful retreat with the stylish door design from Century. With its great looks, easy installation and affordable pricing, you'll want to update every room in your home. Perfectly matching the aesthetic of the room with yellow and green walls.

19. Monochrome Palette

This door is so sleek and chic, it feels like you are about to enter a VIP’s home. The pleasure of entering in a house that is charming and aesthetic. The black color palette is so soft and classy. 

20. Snowy Elegance

What makes a space elegant? It's the combination of form and function, punctuated by a sense of lightness without being flimsy. The elegant details that suggest they were designed with thought and care. Check this white sleek door against the beautiful green wall that charms up the place.


Doors are crucial to your home in providing security and privacy. Here are our 20 best home door designs with images from CenturyPly. If you like them, order them now from the CenturyPly E-shop in just a tap and add onto the aesthetics in your home. 

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