CenturyDoors offer the best flush doors
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CenturyDoors offer the best flush doors

It is not like flush doors are a rare commodity and you will find it difficult to find them. However, it is very likely that since it seems to be as raw as a door could, you would not even bother to introspect in a flush door before purchasing it. But the question is, shouldn’t you actually be concerned about it? Shouldn’t you know what the flush door is made up of, what material has been used, how strong it is and how durable can it be?

Well, our research says that it is all the more important to know what is your flush door made up of as a door is basically the measure of your home safety. And for safety, it is always advisable to choose the best because nothing comes before the protection of your family.

So, when looking for the best flush door, bank on CenturyDoors to adhere to all the prerequisites of a strong and durable door. 

It’s just a flush door. Why are you boasting about it so much?

Well, we wouldn’t have been boasting if it wasn’t worth it. However, CenturyDoors sets a new benchmark in the range of flush doors with its impeccable qualities. To state a few, here is what you need to know about the flush doors by CenturyDoors:

The durable construct:

The flush doors by CenturyDoors are layered multiple times to give them a finish that none other can or will.

The frame prepared is supported with a filler layer which is basically a solid wood filler endeavor that gives an extra amount of strength to the frame of the flush door in making.

Once the skeleton of the door is ready, a veneer core layer is applied to remove any kind of waviness and undulations on the face of the door. Finally, on the top of the core layer, the face layer is pasted. 

The termite-proof:

Unlike local brands, which dips the flush door into the chemical only when the face is applied, CenturyDoors expedites chemically treating the flush door at each stage of its making to make it truly termite and borer proof.

Having said that, CenturyDoors also offers second-line protection from termites and borers with its patent glue line protection that makes us give you an extended warranty of around 5 to 10 years.

The kiln-processing:

Kiln processing is a method that is a forte of only trusted brands like CenturyPly. According to BIS norms, any plywood product can have a threshold moisture content of only 10%. However, the local manufacturers leave the flush doors to dry at the mercy of the environmental conditions which hardly brings the moisture content down to this level. In fact, it cracks and contracts the whole framework only to render the flush door brittle and weak.

Whereas, CenturyDoors opts for the kiln processing method which is a gradual process of drying the flush door in multiple stages so that the integrity and strength of the door remains intact.

This, and other benefits makes CenturyDoors Flush Doors to be the best of the choice. Know more about CenturyDoors Flush doors here - https://www.centuryply.com/centurydoors?cp_cat=flush-doors


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