15 Living Room Decoration Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Makeover
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15 Living Room Decoration Ideas for a Budget-Friendly Makeover


Living space is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it must both look good and withstand daily use. Creating a lovely, livable space with living room decoration ideas may appear to be a large undertaking, but it does not have to be expensive.

Use these low-cost living room decoration ideas to create a living room that both looks and lives well.

Table of Contents:

Use Plants in Your Living Room Decor

Rearrange the furniture in the living room

Use Paint to Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget

Decorate Your Living Room with Old Portraits

Make a Statement with a Few Furnishings

Use Fairylights to brighten up

Lamps to add aesthetic

Cushion it up

Makeover of Old furniture

Get a TV Cabinet

Rugs for Living Rooms in Layers

Try Symmetry Aesthetic in your Living Room

Storage space is your friend

Experiment with other accessories on the coffee table

Add a pop of color with different colored textures


1. Use Plants in Your Living Room Decor

Plants add a sculptural element to a room, and low-maintenance varieties are frequently available at reasonable prices. To add some life to your living room, look for interesting leaf shapes or colorful foliage. Try using a potted plant as a centre-piece on your coffee table, or fill an empty corner with a hanging plant. Find Inspiration on how CenturyPly users have used their products. 

Plants for Living Room - CenturyPly

2. Rearrange the Furniture in the Living Room

Work with what you already have to update your living room decoration ideas on a budget. Purge the room of unnecessary items, clear away clutter, and rethink furniture arrangements to completely transform your living room without spending a dime. Need Inspiration? Check the Centuryply website.

Furniture in Living Room - CenturyPly

3. Use Paint to Refresh Your Living Room on a Budget

A fresh coat of paint can completely change the look of a room. Paint provides a low-cost living room idea that DIY decorators can easily implement. Use it to color walls, refresh flea market furnishings, refinish worn-out floors, or highlight architectural features in a room.

Wall Paint for Living Room - CenturyPly

4. Decorate Your Living Room with Old Portraits

Items that represent your travels, hobbies, and treasured memories can help to make your living room decoration feel extra special. Display old portraits, framed ancestry charts, maps of your favourite destinations, and photo collages of family and friends. 

Decorate Living Room - CenturyPly

5. Make a Statement with a Few Furnishings

Using just a few statement pieces, you can create a chic living room on a budget. Purchase furnishings with eye-catching silhouettes, wall panels, elevated fabrics or finishes, or bold pops of color. To make a statement, you only need a few stylistic flair, such as a colorful area rug or a striking piece of wall art. Don’t look anywhere else, CenturyPly has got the glossiest, high-quality laminates that match your aesthetic. 

Furnishing for Living Room - CenturyPly

6. Use Fairylights to Brighten Up

Dress up existing different tones of fairylights with embellished details for low-cost living room decor. Small changes can make inexpensive living room decoration ideas,  ready-made fairylights, fabric lampshades, and low-cost throws look more stylish and brighten the living room. 

Light Decoration for Living Room - CenturyPly

7. Lamps to Add Aesthetic

Display your collections of unique style lamps to your living room decor ideas. When grouped by color, shape, or subject matter, curios and knickknacks (including both valuable passed-down relics and inexpensive thrift store finds) have the most impact. Keep those characteristics in mind as you shop for discounted lamps to complement your displays.

Lamps for Living Room Aesthetic- CenturyPly

8. Cushion It Up

Cushions are the most adaptable type of soft furnishings. With so many different sizes, shapes, colours, and textures to choose from, a few new cushions may be all your living room requires to feel refreshed.

Decorate Living Room - CenturyPly

9. Makeover of Old furniture

Nothing beats new upholstery for a tired piece of furniture. Recovering or reupholstering old sofas and armchairs can completely transform their appearance and is an excellent low-cost living room idea. Reupholstering large pieces of furniture can be costly, so draping throws over sofa cushions, is a low-cost option.

Furniture Makeover for Living Room - CenturyPly

10. Get a TV Cabinet for Living Room

If you're looking for ideas on how to decorate your living room, make your TV unit the focal point of the room with an elaborate set-up that includes storage and decor. The placement of your furniture in your room will be determined by the orientation of your TV unit. The TV unit in the preceding image is a showpiece and looks stunning in the living room. CenturyPly offers the world’s best wall panels like PVC panels, Upholstery panels, Nature wood panels that brighten up the entire room. Read about it here

TV Cabinet for Living Room - CenturyPly

11. Rugs for Living Rooms in Layers

Big box stores, discount home stores, and even home improvement centres sell affordable area rugs in a variety of styles. Layer small rugs to define a room's furnishings with simple, inexpensive large rugs. Read our blog on how to let your living room shine like no other.

Rugs for Living Room - CenturyPly

12. Try Symmetry Aesthetic in your Living Room

Symmetry is frequently used in interior design to create a balanced, quiet corner that is ideal for a living room and can also be used as a getaway. The easiest way to achieve symmetry is with a fireplace, but you can achieve the same effect with a large piece of furniture and matching side tables and lamps, or any other living room decorating items. Read more about how colors and contrast with symmetry enhance your living space. 

Symmetry Aesthetic for Living Room - CenturyPly

13. Storage Space is Your Friend

Because modern life necessitates that the main area of the house serve a variety of functions, thoughtful living room storage is essential. Good storage is essential in a family room. Storage, such as a shelving unit, provides plenty of space to display favourite objects, books, and photographs. Built-in cupboards and drawers can also be used to conceal DVDs, games, and AV equipment. So, to keep your living room neat and clutter-free, include storage options. Check out our glorious surfaces for wardrobes and kitchen storage space on the CenturyPly website

Living Room Decoration - CenturyPly

14. Experiment with Other Accessories on the Coffee Table

Try something a little more extraordinary and one-of-a-kind for your coffee table instead of a conventional stack of coffee table books. To make your furniture timeless and fun, experiment with extraordinary shapes and sizes or add a plant spread to the table. Adding a one-of-a-kind coffee table is thus one of the most cost-effective ways to decorate your family room. Check our E-shop for one stop solution of home decor. 

Coffee Table for Living Room - CenturyPly

15. Add A Pop of Color with Different Colored Textures

One of the best living room decor ideas is a vibrant colour scheme from floor to ceiling. There are a few different ways to pull off this daring look and coordinate colours. Matching colours unifies your space and gives every colour a source of inspiration. Two, use similar in shade or tone colours, such as high beams or pastels. As a result, with similar colour tones, these home décor ideas make the living space feel more cohesive.

Living Room Decor - CenturyPly


Hope you liked the living room decoration ideas. In a nutshell, dress up existing accents with embellished details for low-cost living room decor, make small changes can make inexpensive throw pillows, ready-made window treatments, fabric lampshades, and low-cost throws look more stylish and customized. For a fun pop of personality, try adding fun decorator trims, contrasting fabric bands, vintage buttons, or playful tassels and fringe, flowers, lights, rugs, diyas, lamps and more. Hop onto the newest trends, get the glossiest ideas with our E-Catalogue & shop with CenturyPly E-shop.

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