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Give your Living Room a Make-over with Century Veneers

Give your Living Room a Make-over with Century Veneers - CenturyPly

Veneers are considered to be the ‘royal’ surface solution because of the luxuriousness it exudes. The smooth surface, the warm tones and the elegance that it has, is unmatched by any other surfacing material. As more and more homeowners and specialists like interior designers favour veneers as the ultimate finish to their interior furniture, it has become important to pick up certain tips and tricks about choosing the correct decorative veneers for a particular area. Let us find out more about veneers and how to leverage its beauty to create a stunning, mesmerising living room area at home.


Veneers are easily one of the best decorative surface solutions available in the market today and its features make it widely loved. Just as every tree has its own character, every wood veneer is unique and lends a characteristic style to your decor. Many people who truly love veneers, understand that each is different from the other, even when they are cut from the same tree. Customers value and appreciate these often subtle differences when they pick veneers for their furniture.

Veneers are also sometimes the most practical solution to your interior designing obstacles. For instance, solid wood looks and feels premium. But they have a tendency to expand and contract due to temperature fluctuations. Veneers on the other hand, are resistant to physical changes that are caused due to moisture, humidity or temperature changes. Many customers even love the idea of veneered furniture because it gives you the premium look and feel of solid wood at a fraction of its cost. 

If you want to utilise these gorgeous sheets to renovate your living room, here are some tips that you can follow to ensure the natural beauty of veneers is perfectly highlighted.

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Tip #1

Give your Living Room a Make-over with Century Veneers - CenturyPly

Always design your living room under natural light. Artificial, intricate lighting systems can add a lot of oomph to a place but the satisfaction of looking at beautiful veneered furniture under the natural sunlight or moonlight is indescribable.

Tip #2

Choose bright & bold colours for the living room to achieve a lively ambience. Aim to spruce the space up by balancing different shades of the same colour to add depth and dimension to the room.

Tip #3

Place a statement veneered furniture in a visible corner of the living room where you can showcase memorabilia and collectibles. Pick the shade of veneer sheets after considering the ambience you are aiming to create. This will make the area a focal point for visiting guests.

Tip #4

Give your Living Room a Make-over with Century Veneers - CenturyPly

Make sure to balance the colours of the room. Dark, ashy browns look the best against white or beige walls. If your door is brown, choose a different shade for the furniture in the room. Ensure that there is no overload of one colour.

Tip #5

Take the help of the naturally occurring shadows in the room and make it appear bigger than its dimensions by using dark-coloured veneers. They tend to camouflage the smallness of an area. They also help highlight lighter coloured artefacts in the room. 

Tip #6

If you want a cozy door, opt for a veneered front door. They are gorgeous to look at, strong and are sure to leave a lasting impression on strangers and acquaintances alike.

Give your Living Room a Make-over with Century Veneers - CenturyPly

There is nothing a beautiful veneer sheet cannot achieve. Want to make the room look cozier? Choose veneered furniture. Need to give a smoother appearance to the doors? Utilise veneer sheets as a finish for them. Need to make your statement furniture standout? Veneers are the way to go.

No matter what look or design you have in mind, we promise you, we have that. Discover even more design possibilities with veneers on our website and you are sure to be inspired.


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