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How are CenturyLaminates Customers Benefiting from Silver Nano Technology

How are CenturyLaminates Customers Benefiting from Silver Nano Technology - CenturyPly

At CenturyLaminates, our first and foremost priority is to understand what you want and deliver it to you in the form of unique decorative laminates with exotic designs, colours and textures. We keep in mind the ever-changing needs of your home and work spaces and employ the latest technology like firewall technology, Silver nano technology, etc. to manufacture world-class surfacing solutions that not only elevate your home or office interiors, but also make them safe and hygienic.


We adhere to top quality product standards and offer surface solutions that are easy to apply and use. With consistent investment in products and technological innovations, such as the current Silver nano technology, we have always endeavoured to bring the best to our customers. Due to this commitment towards our customers, we have been able to create a range of award-winning laminates that India loves and makes sure that the designs and textures are top-notch and always in tune with the latest international trends.


How are CenturyLaminates Customers Benefiting from Silver Nano Technology - CenturyPly

On any surface on an average, microbes can multiply in quick succession under half an hour. The microbial growth, if not kept under check, can lead to undesirable stains, malodors and premature degradation that affects the durability, lifespan and hygiene of a laminated product. In any normal scenario, if microbes have begun to proliferate on a laminate surface, successive cleaning is required to keep this growth under check.

Antimicrobial laminates are, therefore, indispensable-- whether they are applied in the kitchen, dining table or in the bathroom cabinets, they come in contact with numerous people or objects that may be carriers of germs. Antimicrobial laminates greatly reduce the risks of cross-contamination, giving you hygienic surfaces.


How are CenturyLaminates Customers Benefiting from Silver Nano Technology - CenturyPly

When we realised that the need of the hour is antimicrobial laminates, we became one of the first manufacturers of antimicrobial laminates in the decorative laminates industry in India, thanks to our researchers and innovators for the Silver nano technology. Our research and development team worked continuously towards developing a range of world class laminates while upgrading the manufacturing technology and delivering highest value products. These CenturyLaminates were manufactured using Silver Nano Technology, which are superior antibacterial and antifungal laminates that reduce the level of bacterial and fungal growth on the laminate surface by more than 99.9%, ensuring germ free environment, 24-hours a day.

The decorative laminates are transformed into an antibacterial laminate during the final resin bath of the Silver nano technology impregnation process. As a result, you get surfaces that have a long-term resistance to not only scuff, scratches, abrasion and moisture, but also harmful microbes.


How are CenturyLaminates Customers Benefiting from Silver Nano Technology - CenturyPly

You can choose from our Lucida laminates, which are high-gloss laminates with the highest resistance to everyday wear and tear, making them the perfect choice for use in areas of high traffic such as the kitchen, dining room, living room, office, restaurants. On the other hand, if you want the magic of solid surfaces and the ease of laminates, choose from our Silk Tuff laminates range that is carefully manufactured with European Matt Finish.

Our wide range of laminates include surface solutions with special properties and for special purposes such as anti-fingerprint laminates for offices, white marker board laminates for schools or home, fire-retardant laminates, magnetic laminates and even high-quality exterior laminates.

All our laminates are specially made, keeping in mind the need for dual functionality of a luxurious finish and a hygienic & healthy solution to home and office surfaces. When you choose CenturyLaminates, you can be assured that your surfaces will get the best finish possible and remain protected from everyday wear and tear, moisture and microbial growth. Take a look at our range of laminates here:

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