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How is the best quality plywood made?

How is the best quality plywood made? - CenturyPly

The humble plywood, historically used as a general building material, has come a long way since its inception. Over the years, many researchers and scientists have studied this material and tried to understand the unlimited possibilities it holds and in the process, discovered how indispensable it is to the realm of architecture. It has since been irreplaceable, being every interior decorator’s first choice for office or home decor and furnishings.

But, what is the recipe for the perfect plywood?  What is the ideal manufacturing process, what are the appropriate tests to be conducted and what are the suitable resins to manufacture the best plywood in the world full of plywood? Today, we take a look at the process of manufacturing the versatile range of Century Plywood.



How is the best quality plywood made? - CenturyPly

At CenturyPly, our goal is to be on a path of constant upgradation, be it the picking of the best raw materials, manufacturing  the same, turning them into award-winning high quality products or ensuring they reach every customer who needs it, with a Pan India coverage, reaching every corner of the country. Our commitment to quality and keeping up with the changing needs of the customers has helped us constantly evolve, enabling us to redefine Indian realty and bringing about a paradigm shift in the concept of living spaces. Take a close look at what helps us produce the best quality plywood in India:

Pioneers of Borer & Termite Proof Plywood

CenturyPly were the pioneers of borer & termite proof plywood in India, even to this day, CenturyPly is one of the few companies providing a warranty against borer and termite attacks in every product. By using the unique Glue Line Protection or GLP formula containing a specially formulated preservative treatment applied to fortify the plywood, the plywood was effectively secure from any kind of borer or termite attack on its surface, edge and every layer of it for a long time. With this, the problem of plywood infestation in many Indian homes was solved.

ViroKill Technology

Century Plywood varieties are manufactured using a special nanotechnology that kills 99.99% viruses.  The ingrained nanoparticles are highly energised, killing any virus or microbes that make contact with its surface. Antiviral plywood, a CenturyPly specialty, keeps your furniture free of viruses and maintains desirable levels of interior hygiene. Moreover, the plywood also has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties.

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More Number of Plies for Strength

More number of plies is the mark of good quality plywood because the more the number of plies, the denser the plywood sheet, the stronger it is. We ensure that all our plywood sheets are manufactured with a higher count of veneers for superior strength and unmatched durability.

Superior Surface

How is the best quality plywood made? - CenturyPly

Century Plywood has a superior surface finish with no undulation for better workability.

High Quality Wood

Century Plywood is manufactured with the choicest,  best in class wood species that can be transformed into elegant, luxurious furniture or other interior decor elements. All wooden raw materials are responsibly sourced for which we carry an FSC certification.


Plywood varieties like Architect Ply, Club Prime, Win MR among others, are made by pre-pressing, where each veneer is treated with preservatives before pressing, ensuring equal distribution of moisture and adhesive. Pre-pressing which is unique to CenturyPly products, provides sufficient time for the transfer of the preservatives deep into the veneers before hot pressing. This ensures that each ply is warp resistant and borer & termite proof. Moreover, in CenturyPly, also products follow a quadracore pressing process, in which the plywood goes through a two time cold press/pre-press and hot press process. This not only ensures homogenous distribution of the preservative chemicals but also, makes the plywood durable, ensures superior bonding and distributes the resins/adhesives evenly.

The key to make the best quality plywood is to never stop innovating. With the promise to bring the best to our customers, we ensure that our product offering includes all varieties of plywood, be it MR grade plywood  or high quality BWP plywood. Moreover, unique plywood variants like fire-retardant ply is also available. Take a look at our product range on the link below:

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