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Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home

Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home - CenturyPly

Exotic wood veneers are an ever-popular choice among interior designers who value the individuality of a home they design. The specific characteristics of natural wood veneers can never be duplicated in another home since every piece of wood has a set pattern unique to them, which makes them a professional’s ideal tool in creating beautiful and functional interior elements. 

Decorative veneers have the power to liven up your home with their natural beauty and charm. The finishes may act as an ornamental overlay over surfaces like furniture tops, doors and more! Let’s explore easy ways to employ natural wood veneers as an attractive option in home décor.

1. Accessorise with decorative veneers

Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home - CenturyPly

Any space can be made even more aesthetically pleasant with wood veneer accents. By using a dark veneer sheet against a white table or a beige toned sheet right across from the brown door will add dimension to any space. After all, nothing gives the feel of elegance and luxury quite like wood veneer. Using veneers in conjunction with other material such as glass and steel, marble and cement accents make for a modern twist of contrast. A more personalised approach is to use veneers for custom light fixtures, for an art installation in your house, custom-made staircase or even modern-chic wooden rugs that can take your interiors to a whole new level.


2. Statement furniture piece

Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home - CenturyPly

Owing to the one-of-a-kind pattern of veneer sheets, they make for great finishes. Use them as a surface solution for a statement furniture piece at home that instantly elevates the look and feel of any room. Any gorgeous furniture can become a statement piece with the addition of veneers: a statement coffee table can be used as a center of eyeballs, adorned with exotic flowers and decorative vases, a dining table that looks inviting or even an unforgettable door lined with the most premium of veneers: the possibilities are endless!


3. Custom cabinets

An essential in any newly renovated home is an eye-catching, trendy and highly functional designer cabinet. Custom wood veneer cabinetry has long been a part of celebrity homes and the best interior design shows on TV. Use veneers to create the ultimate gorgeous storage unit that will suit the needs of any homeowner who enjoys the finer things in life. Additional closet space not only will instantly add great value to homes but by using natural veneers, these custom cabinets will look incredible and have immense functionality and added durability.


4. Dark colours for small rooms

Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home - CenturyPly

If you are confused about how to enhance a small space and make it appear bigger than it is, shadows can be your best friend. When you use dark coloured veneers for the room, they camouflage the fact that the room is small. They also help highlight the brighter objects placed in the room, making them stand out to create a lasting impact.


5. Veneered doors

Effective Use of Wood Veneers to Create a Modern Home - CenturyPly

Veneered doors have two advantages: firstly, the core of the door is strengthened with the additional layer of veneers and secondly, they look well-finished, polished and sophisticated. Veneered doors create warmth and make a room feel cozy.

Veneers are the easiest way to create  luxurious home interiors that don’t cost a fortune. It is also an environmentally conscious alternative to solid wood with its look and feel. If you are thinking of buying veneers for your home or office, browse through our collection of CenturyVeneers and you are sure to find what you’re looking for. 

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