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7 ways to get creative with plywood furniture

We have used plywood to build our furniture, interior walls, roofing and other such projects since time immemorial, hiding them under a layer of beautifully functional laminates or veneers. We seldom use plywood on its own, but today the humble sheet of plywood proudly shows off its stripes in a resurgence of popularity driven by striking, original designs. 

In this article, we will explore 7 ways that you can get supremely creative with plywood furniture, with or without the support of laminates and veneers.

1. Folding Dressing Area

We all have a well-built closet to store our clothes and accessories, but what if we could jazz-up our rooms with a designated area just for dressing up? By using strong, borer and termite-proof light-coloured plywood furniture, you can easily build a folding dressing area and install it anywhere in your room where you feel comfortable. The best part is that, because of its foldable nature, it saves space instead of taking up more. It can be a great addition to a guest room as well, imparting a sophisticated aura to any home. The light, natural colour palette of plywood furniture helps make a small space look bigger.

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2. Minimalistic Multi-Stack Bookcase

Every avid reader holds one corner of the house to be the most sacred: their bookshelf. If you love reading and collecting books, it is only fair to have an equally appealing bookcase to hold your temple of knowledge and showcase it proudly. With the use of moisture-resistant and borer & termite-resistant plywood furniture, you are sure to make a sturdy bookcase. Make sure that the compartments are of varied sizes to give it an elegant touch. You can take your bookcase one step above the norm by using the plywood shelves and mounting them onto the wall with invisible supports to create a unique ‘floating bookcase’.

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3. Stylish Coffee Table

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than a space with all-wood furniture? It is no wonder that a lot of interior designers are adopting furniture made of wood or given a wooden finish, as it accentuates and brings out the best in any space. Our advice would be to keep the design simple and let the natural wood markings of the plywood furniture take precedence. Create simple coffee tables, chairs, and even quaint dining tables with strong, durable plywood sheets and adorn them with wood grain veneers to drive this look home!

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 4. Handy Plant Shelf

Consult with any design pro and you'll learn that plants are always a good idea for an interior. Indoor plants are often a low-maintenance way of getting some fresh air while sitting on your couch! Let your choice of plants perch upon a plant shelf made of strong, moisture-resistant wood, and you’ll have a trendy interior piece with the goodness of some greenery.

Ply Recommendation: CenturyPly Win MR

5. Your Kid’s Favourite Chair

Kids require special attention and specific tools. A chair exclusively made for them often comes in handy, becoming a part of your child’s life. Plywood can easily be made into a beautiful chair for your child. With the addition of soft-padded armrests and a well-rounded design, your child is bound to love it!

Ply Recommendation: CenturyPly Club Prime

6. Wooden Night-Stand

Imagine yourself waking up at the wee hours of dawn and reaching out for a swallow of water next to your bed, only to realise you don’t have a bedside table. A nightstand on either or both sides of the bed can save us a lot of trouble! You can make it in any design you want: a short, rectangular table with multiple drawers to hold your essentials; a round table with hairpin legs; or even a mixture of both.

Ply Recommendation: CenturyPly Sainik 710

7. Wooden Bed Frame

The possibilities with a plywood bed frame are numerous! Turn your bed into a one from a fairytale, give it a Boho vibe, a vintage touch or a modern vibe. Cover it with moulding to give it a fitting finish.

Ply Recommendation: CenturyPly ArchitectPly

Plywood can be creatively used in almost any corner of the house. Explore these 7 ways to spice up your home space and give it a welcoming, alluring look.

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