Learn About the Different Uses of Commercial Plywood
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Learn About the Different Uses of Commercial Plywood

Commercial plywood is generally moisture-resistant plywood, also known as MR grade plywood. This commercial plywood has been trending in recent times due to various factors. It is durable, flexible due to good tensile strength. MR grade plywood has good wear and tear threshold, and can be used for creating strong building materials. Moreover being borer and termite proof property, this commercial plywood saves one from any additional worry about the furniture getting damaged due to infestation. Even after immense qualities in terms of durability and functionality, this plywood is quite pocket friendly, or economical. Commercial plywood has become the  trending and first choice in the plywood industry. It is exceedingly being used by the homeowners and architects because of all these factors that help in achieving the desired interiors to a huge extent. There is a lot you can do with commercial plywood and we are here to explain how.

Give your shelves a more durable revamp

Every shelf serves a unique purpose. Some are made to lighter weights, and some for the heavier ones. Some shelves can also be just for accentuating the interior design, the hexagonal shelves are a good example of adding wooden charm to your place. Whatever your shelves are there for, they need to be durable. Be it a little flower pot or multiple books, the building material has to hold maximum internal strength to hold your belongings intact. Mostly, the basic applications of this plywood include heavy bookshelves, designer furniture like the dining table, bedside table, etc. This commercial plywood can be used for both residential or commercial purposes.

Give your furniture a beautiful makeover

When you are building the home of your dreams, you would not want to compromise on quality. Be it your bedroom furniture, or living room furniture, good quality reflects everywhere. Due to commercial plywood’s high tensile strength, they can easily be moulded to create any furniture design that you can imagine for your living room and bedroom. The aim is to add an aesthetic appeal that speaks your language in the prominent areas of your home with commercial plywood

Let the artist in you unfold:

Commercial plywood is known for their flexibility which makes them versatile products for making designed artwork out of wood. The woodwork of your dreams won’t anymore stay a dream anymore when there is a building material like such at your rescue. Commercial plywood is resilient enough to be cut into artsy furniture items. MR Grade plywood is also borer and termite free, thus protecting your furniture from bedrames, sofas to dressing and closet from any microbial attack. 

Commercial plywood or the MR grade plywood that is great at resisting moisture, as the name suggests. Lack of moisture prevents microbes like borers and termites from entering your safe space. With this plywood readily available to you, you can now easily create the storage beneath your beds or a sofa cum bed for keeping your home organised and putting seasonal things like winter clothes in that storage space. Mark these words, commercial plywood is quite efficient in solving any storage problems in your house. 

One thing to note is that, commercial plywood is often confused with waterproof plywood, however, this misconception could be very misleading. With all the advantages, including durability, resilience, borer and termite proof, strong, that commercial plywood comes with, you must know that it is moisture resistant and waterproof. 

Thus, before you choose commercial plywood for all your furniture requirements, keep in mind that it prolonged water exposure. It can only resist moisture, humidity and not direct water. Thus, this plywood is not suitable for areas such as bathrooms and kitchens that experience high water inflow. Plywood manufacturers in India operate in accordance with certain standards for plywood manufacturing. The glueing differs from plywood to plywood in terms of quality and process. Commercial plywood, when understood in its entirety, can prove to be a very economical and versatile furniture ingredient for your home or office. CenturyPly offers the best in class range of Commercial Plywood to meet your multiple needs.

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