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Upgrade your Kitchen Area with Laminates

- Upgrade your Kitchen Area with Laminates

Are you thinking about creating a splendid kitchen area for your home? Then, laminates might just be the right choice for you. The interior designing industry has a history of favoring High Pressure Laminates or HPL and for good reason. These laminates not only adorn your interiors space but also lend durability and unmatched strength and style to them. When you are thinking of designing a specific section of your home, for instance the kitchen, you need to be careful about your laminate choice by taking into account the nature of work that will be taking place here in the future. Keeping everything in mind, let's explore a few ways of upgrading the kitchen space to an elegant and creativity stimulating area.

Choosing the right colour & finish is by no means easy. This is one of the most important parts of the designing process because the finish of a laminate is what will give your kitchen its style quotient.

1. Choose the Right Colour: Never forget that the colours you pick for the kitchen will play a huge part in the overall aesthetics. So, make sure you take your time to pick the right one. Arrive at a final decision based on the size of the room, the amount of natural light that’s available, your style of cooking and your taste. You can even choose contrasting colours to give a bold look, you can keep it monochrome for a sophisticated look or even choose an all-white approach for an ethereal space design.

- Upgrade your Kitchen Area with Laminates

2. Choose the Right Finish: With the global changes in the likes and dislikes of customers and many lifestyle changes, the laminates industry is always on their toes, bringing countless new finishes to choose from. This decision, though fun, might be overwhelming for some. Here is a lowdown on them to ease your selection process:

-       High-Gloss Finish: These laminates have a beautiful, almost reflective surface that can lend any space some much required oomph. Lighter colours have a tendency to bounce around the light, making the kitchen appear brighter than it is in reality. Our Lucida laminates come in High-Gloss finish which has the highest resistance to scuff & scratches, making them low maintenance and convenient.

-       Matte-Finish: Matte-finish laminates are perfect for those who value subtlety in style. These laminates are medium reflective and come in various designs, are low-maintenance and do not show scuff marks or dirt very easily. Our Silk-Tuff laminates come in European Matte-Finish with feather-touch technology to give you a well-rounded range of matte-finish laminates.

-       Textured-Finish: Laminates with textured finishes have been specially designed to replicate the appearance and grains of real wood surfaces, making your kitchen look like it has been finished in natural wood but for a fraction of its cost. 

- Upgrade your Kitchen Area with Laminates

Pro Tip: Wipe the textured laminate surfaces clean with soapy water and microfiber cloth once a month to remove any dirt or grime stuck in the crevices. 

Before choosing a finish for your surfaces, it would be prudent to keep these points in mind:

a) Choose High Pressure Laminates: HPL are laminate sheets that are bound together expertly under high pressure and heat to create decorative sheets that can impart greater durability to surfaces that Low Pressure Laminates or LPL. This is of great importance especially in the kitchen because here, all surfaces must be highly resistant to heat and moisture.

Pro Tip: Even though HPL are highly resistant to water, it is advised not to expose laminated surfaces to water for a prolonged duration.

b) Flame-Retardant Laminates is the Way to Go: The kitchen is an unofficial experimenting zone where we meet with many cooking failures, often leading to mini yet salvageable food-related explosions. Therefore, it is prudent to equip your kitchen with flame retardant laminates so that you can safeguard your home and loved ones from any creativity-fuelled mistake that might turn into a disaster. Our specialty fire retardant laminates are highly resistant to flames and extinguishes completely as soon as the flame source is removed.

c) Antimicrobial Laminates to the Rescue: It is extremely pertinent that good hygiene is maintained while preparing meals in the kitchen. Taking this cleanliness one step forward is antimicrobial laminates. These laminates discourage the growth of germs and bacteria, which is a huge plus anywhere in your home. CenturyPly laminates are powered by Silver Nano Technology that ensures that your surfaces kill any microbes that land on it, looking after the health and wellness of your family.

The secret to a beautiful kitchen is out and it's yours! Use this information wisely and create unforgettable kitchen designs. Browse the wide range of award-winning CenturyLaminates on our website that have been specially crafted to suit all your utility and style needs. Whether you need high-gloss laminates, matte finish laminates or antimicrobial, hygienic laminates, we have something for everyone!

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